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Jamaica 2015

"That's the way to travel! Keith"
Christopher Murrell posted a blog post

Flying Again

Hello All,Just to say, firstly, that if one thinks about it, Flying is not about being a safer form of transport, but is Safe!!My first flights were in the old BEA Trident period, compared to todays planes these were rickety but safe non the less.The power now in those engines of today you can feel the difference, those of us that remember the old tridents.  Nice to look back on them now.My next flight in November is to Faro by my favourite airline, British Airways, we will be in club class as we feel that as there is more room, one can relax more, and going at this time of the year the cost isn't that much more.Though, when we go to Australia in December, we will be going club class on all our flights, the length of the journey for one thing convinces us it will be more relaxing etc.But the above isn't about boasting, it is about showing to all nervous flyers, myself included, that through sites like this and, when I did the fear of flying course back in 1991, these things work!! …See More
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Jamaica 2015

This was taken on our flight to Jamaica on the upper deck of a B747. Just took off from Gatwick. We are over the coastline of Cornwall
Captain Keith replied to Beckey's discussion First long haul
"Hi Beckey There's no greater chance of crashing on a long haul flight than any other. You should have a plan for dividing the flight into chunks and deal with each bit at a time. For example spend the first hour reading, the second two hours…"
Beckey posted a discussion

First long haul

Hi captain Keith. (Hi everyone!) I am a nervous flyer who has successfully been on two holidays thanks to your books, website & forum! However I take my first ever long haul flight on Saturday and the nerves are kicking in. I'm terrified of crashing!! I wondered if you could just give me some words of encouragement. It helps to have that connection!! Thank you. Beckey xxPs I'm going to flying fear began in 2001...See More
carly replied to SteveK's discussion Come on everyone...
"It is a wonderful forum! Glad to hear from those old and new!!"
carly replied to carly's discussion Wish me luck x
"Good point! So far so good, there's an inkling if anxiety but only when I sit and think of the sensation I dislike. Il let you all know how I get on"
Captain Keith replied to Helen's discussion Flying progress
"welcome home I remember the Leipzig trip well. thanks for your tips  Keith"
Helen posted a discussion

Flying progress

Hi everyone, it's so nice to see the forum back again. Although I haven't posted for a while I often checked in for your stories of success and bravery which have always been very inspiring whilst I worked through my own fears. I've gone from someone who wouldn't fly, absolutely no way, completely terrified, sobbing hysterically to Keith on the telephone when I had to go to Leipzig for work (thanks again Keith!), to someone who has visited Iceland, Thailand, Copenhagen, India and Los Angeles all in the last three years. I've travelled in various emotional states over the years, from gripped with fear, to mild discomfort, to sometimes not being bothered at all, and it does vary but it does get better, I can absolutely promise you that.There's no one-size-fits-all cure to our fears and getting to know what does help you takes time and practice, like anything else worthwhile in life. The ability to travel and see the world is an absolute privilege and that's what gives me the…See More
Captain Keith replied to Gareth Norcott's discussion Fly on Weds
"I hope you choose ours! Keith"
Gareth Norcott shared Captain Keith's event on Facebook
Gareth Norcott replied to Gareth Norcott's discussion Fly on Weds
"Hello Everyone, Hello Captain Keith.. Thanks so much for your replies. My flight was in July and it went fine. I notified the staff at every opportunity and they looked after me well. On the return flight, I was allowed in the cock-pit (we were on…"
Captain Keith replied to carly's discussion Wish me luck x
"Thank you  Carly  .... you face the fear ... al I have to do is type things out! Keith ps  Do you think it'll still be safe if you uncross your fingers? (answer ... yes it will)"
Captain Keith replied to Topaz02's discussion Returning Fearful Flyer
Captain Keith replied to Gareth Norcott's discussion Fly on Weds
"Hi Gareth  We're all with you and when you get back post your 'feelings' here. Remember it's just another day's work to the crew. That's what they do everyday they work. They haven't been specially chosen…"
Captain Keith replied to SteveK's discussion Come on everyone...
"Well done! Welcome again. I endorse everything you've said. We don't do tree hugging and enforced bonding ... we encourage people to do the things that work without spin and hype. Just straight honest talking along with a whole load of…"
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Come on everyone...

Lets get this forum back rolling...Hi Keith, remember me?...I was there back in the day when the site first started with about 30 regulars lol... great that the forum has been reinstated..Self help is one of the best forms of help, learning to overcome your own fears as well as managing/understanding the mechanics of fear along with watching the great watching videos, clips, reading books and the many courses available on here. Its certainly better than sinking far to many large ones in the airport bar...dont do it!!, they might not let you on the plane (great for the ones who really dont want to fly!!...but what a waste of money and a let down to others in your group!) and two, Ive done it, and believe me the fear factor is increased a hundred fold the first time the plane 'wobbles' a little...because you will be aware that you dont have control over yourself.After 8 years of making lame excuses about not wanting to fly I finally gave in and decided to join my wife on our 25th…See More
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SteveK replied to Gareth Norcott's discussion Fly on Weds
"Good point about seeing the cabin crew... Flying over Newark many years ago we started rocking bouncing around a little..I started to get a little anxious. the feeling, when you think the plane has fallen hundreds of feet but in reality it was…"


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First long haul

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Come on everyone...

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Wish me luck x

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