Hi all

Read this and can identify with so many people on here.

My partner is working in Penang, and basically I HAVE to go. I never used to be frightened to fly, and ever since I had a panic attack and nearly passed out whilst driving, I hate any form of travel where I cant stop and get off/or get out.

I am dreading it so much that I can see myself turning up at the airport and just backing out. The thought of being so high up, locked in, cant get out for 10 hours - claustrophia coupled with a panic attack. The most annoying thing is, I never used to have a problem with flying - im so annoyed with myself and its so debilitating - ive looked into every other way of getting there, Transiberian Express, Boat but there isnt any other way.

So I think Im going to find it hard to go on a long haul flight feeling like this, havent flown for about 4 years or more.

Ive watched the vids on here, and read quite alot of stuff - but I just dont think I can do it.

Any advice

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Yes you can!! What you can't do is let your fear stop you
And by the way you Dont HAVE TO GO you choose to go, you choose to be brave!!
Thank you Jacqueline

Its a deep rooted fear, that I think is going to take alot to over come.

Its the feeling that I cant get off/or stop if it gets too much.
I understand deep rooted fear and yes it will take alot to get over it. I am not over mine yet and neither are most of the people on this site. But you are doing the right thing by looking for help!!!!!
Hello Kate - if you read the posts on this site you will already know we so feel the same as you...so no matter how strong and supportive our advice and support is for one another we all share this overwhelming terror...especially when we have to face that moment of truth...and its so deep rooted as you say. I do believe though that we can fight it and there will be a strategy that helps you...I know how much we all fear and feel the same desperation as you, so I can so understand your conflict. Like Jacqueline said, you are SO on the right path by coming on this site -at least we are addressing our fears. I am so scared right now, am flying on sunday...but I feel calmer every single time I log on to this site- it feels life saving to me..we will fight this!
Thank you for your kind words Caro.

Yes I really want to overcome this, if I cant get to Penang - then I dont know really what will happen. Funny as where I live is in the Gatwick flight path, so I am watching the planes going over every 5 mins - just keep looking up and thinking no way. I must admit though, when I talk to people about it, I say I am one of those people who will just want to run to exit door in mid flight, they say "why would you want to do that" which makes sense really.

I wish you all the best for Sunday.

I may try the elastic band thing.

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