Gosh, well.....I guess I'm just looking for moral support from people who really understand. Unremarkable story....didn't fly til late teens, few holidays, work stuff. Wasn't too concerned- nothing triggered my reluctance to fly though I wasn't too keen on 12 seater plane on return from a course. Had booked a holiday with kids, aged 2 and 9 months at the time, and 2 days before, I turned into a crumbling wreck and the holiday was cancelled on medical advice. Forward 10 years and many holidays driving all round Europe and I vow to tackle the issue by my 40th. Booked on BA course at Glasgow airport, since then have flown with Mum, friends, partner and alone round UK and Europe with moderate success. I listen to CD's, have read all the books, have had NLP (another session booked for Monday) and still find it such a challenge. On Friday 26th, I'm off to Menorca with my girls, who are now 14 and 16 and my Mum. The girls have flown before several times with their Dad and love it. My mum loves flying and very much sees it as part of the holiday. I'd love to share their enthusiasm but the 2 years that has elapsed since my last flight (didn't go last yr cos of credit crunch) has added to my anxiety. I've tried very hard not to let my anxiety influence the girls and I don't want to blow it next week!!

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Hi Fiona

Great news.........just remember to stay strong and positive......we'll be with you all the way.

If you need a 'texty' friend send me a PM and I will give you my number....it worked for Sarah and she's in South Africa now on a family holiday :)

Phoebe x
It was almost like war & peace....lol

but I keep looking back at it to remind myself I did do it and I can do it again.

((Hugs)) for you & your girls :)

Phoebe x

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