I have two different holidays booked for 2013 already and I'm so excited as they both mean so much to me.


Firstly I'm going to see my Sister and her children in Spain in January. My sister married a Spanish guy in the beauiful village they live in near Alicante many years ago, sadly my only memories of this are looking at the photos my brother took as I was sitting at home in England too scared to fly, feeling like a complete waste of space as I'd missed my sisters big day.

That was the year I decided I had to do something about it and got in touch with Keith and found this site.

In a way, its almost like a complete journey is coming to an end as I was desperate to get out their and make amends. It was 7 years ago and she has had two children since then! But I feel like I'm about to finally forgive myself and i feel great! I have no fears about the flight, I cant wait to be out there.

On top of this I have a Skiing trip booked to Austria in March. I've always wanted to go skiiing but its only ever been a pipe dream, thinking that I would never get there. Well in my 41st year on this planet I will be making my debut on the slopes and neither of these acitivites would have happened without Cpt Keith & The support of the people on this forum. Thank you so much to you all.



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Great to hear your plans Jim.

We have both come along way flight wise since Keith's  seminar in Winchester -yes around  7 years ago!

Enjoy Spain and time with your relatives and your first ski trip.Life begins at 41!

Currently I  have nothing booked , as only returned from Indian adventure early November but as hubby is approaching 60 we hope to go away by 'plane  sometime in late spring.

All good wishes for Christmas and 2013.

Here's to flying!





Correction...that course was either last year of the year before ... not 7 years ago.


ps Well done Jim

---unless Jim has attended another course I refer to when  the filming of a F of F seminar took place   in Winchester Guildhall around 2005/06 because I sat next to JIm .Time has flown !!!

OK I'll take your word for it...I remember it all so well.


Thanks Elizabeth,

It doesn't feel like 7 years ago does it!  When did the flight for the DVD happen Keith, was it 2006?

Can't recall  Jim


Morning All,

More successful flights to report on. Spain and back went very well, flew with Monarch who I was very impressed with, nice and spacious inside the plane and the coffee actually tasted like coffee! 

I've been counting up and I have done 24 flights now since I went on Keith's flying course. I can't believe it myself, to think I had done 2 in the first 30 odd years of my life and I've done 24 in the past 7 years!

I can't wait for my skiing trip now, I've also booked flights for our wedding anniversary as its 10 years this year and like most things back then, it was a UK based holiday!

I would add some notes about things that happened on the flight to Spain and back but there is nothing to report, I never once got my self worked up, nothing particularly got my heart racing both flights departed and arrived on time, all the staff were very nice. All a bit boring really! 


Way to go!  Your success is such an inspiration!!! :)

Yay go Jim!!! I got back from Washington on Wednesday morning and like you I planned to do a little report but in all honesty there was nothing to say!! I had my usual pre flight 24 hours before panic but on a scale of 1-10 (10 being absolutely terrified) I was about a 6. We flew Manchester to Heathrow then Heathrow to Washington.  At one point on the Washington leg I actually giggled to myself - I was sat with my headphones on having created a playlist of music, gin and tonic in hand looking out the window at the clouds without a care in the world :) It was a world away from the horror I was imagining the day before.


On the flight home my husband's in flight entertainment was broken so we reported it before take off - the stewardess came back and confirmed it was reported broken on the inbound leg and would we mind moving up a class?!!! Erm NO!!! So I spent the next 7 hours in the posh seats - heaven.


We were delayed at Heathrow and bumped onto another plane because there was a technical fault with ours plus it was Wednesday morning when there was fog at Manchester which wasn't ideal because I was tired but I did notice the man across the aisle from me in blind panic - he was absolutely terrified and at one point was in tears. It made me realise just how far I'd come and I'd have given anything to reassure him that it doesn't have to be that way.

Great stuff Jo

... and now I can reveal that the only remaining thing for you to do on a flight is to go armed with a pile of stuff about flying without fear .com   and this community!


In all honesty I did actually think that if I'd had my book with me I'd have gladly handed it over. I don't take mine with me anymore because I know it pretty much word for word but I'd have loved to share the freedom its given me. 
Captain Keith said:

Great stuff Jo

... and now I can reveal that the only remaining thing for you to do on a flight is to go armed with a pile of stuff about flying without fear .com   and this community!




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