Hello people :)

Thanks for approving!!

My next flight is scheduled on Friday. It's one of the flights I took once a year. Over the Europe, only 2 hours long. And I am freaking out.

My fear arose after Air France crash in 2009. Before that I was quite confident and did not think about crashing. I knew that crashes do happen, but they were really rare in the europe and usa recently.

After Air France accident I have lost my confidence and I am scared that the same will happen to me. If such a massive airline like Air France had lost their aircraft, I don't want to even know what might happen with my 'tiny' Ryanair plane.

I know that every accident is a lesson to aviation, but I just can't stop thinking about it!!  Please help!

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My next flight is on Thursday and I'm scared too. It's long-haul though with a layover and the weather forecast I just checked said snow and strong wind so I am now terrified. My phobia started over 10 years ago and I'm not sure why. I am scared that it will be very bumpy and that I will have a horrible panic attack and I just co not want that to happen in front of my toddler. I wish I had some words of wisdom but I don't. I'm in the same boat as you. x

I always check the turbulence map for reassurance. Have you tried this? Where is your departure and arrival destination? 

What has the size of the plane got to do with safety?

Every time you think a bad thought about flying put £10 into a charity box! Sad to say you'll soon put the thoughts away


Hello Keith. Thanks for the reply!

I found a lot of useful stuff on the website and I hope it will all help me to overcome the fear, as it's really annoying right now ;)

I need to focus on the positive side of the flight (holiday, visiting the family) instead of looking for a crash all the time. I read the article about chance and probability and it helped me at some point.

Also the flight simulator videos are superb. It looks like flying is such a great fun :)

I will do my best and I will try to save some money ;)

Hi Lucy,

I hope the flights go well, I'm sure they will as there is absolutely nothing to suggest they wont.

As you say focus on the positive side of seeing family and try and capture that feeling of how happy you are going to be on touch down and you can pat yourself on the back for achieving your goal.


Thanks jim
always look at the bright side of life. i love when the sky is bright and blue like today. That makes me wanna fly :-)

7 hours until the flight. I could not sleep at night, my tummy hurts because of the stress. I am trying so hard as I don't want the fear to control me. I can control the fear! I am the master of my fear ;)

I am packed, I got my 'on board' entertainment kit and I will notify the cabin crew that I am a fearful flyer straight away :) And I will send a message from the airport of course :)

...and if it's like it is for so many people here ...it won't be as fearful as you're expecting 


Good Morning Keith.

I am aware they might be few bumps now and again, but it's not dangerous just uncomfortable.

Airplanes cost so much, that it cannot fall apart because of the air movement :)

Hi Lucy,

Just to say I hope everything goes well today, I'm sure it will. Remember to keep thinking about all the positive things that are going to happen once you've landed, in your build up to the flight try not to focus too much on the flight, just keep thinking about the fun you are going to have when you get there.

Take care


Hi everyone.

I am glad to announce that I have made it! It wasn't easy as I got two panic attacks on Friday and Monday before the flight.

But I remained calm on board! Turbulence didn't scare me at all. All the movements of the aircraft were absolutely fine for me.

During the both take offs I kept repeating in my mind 'another safe take off'. What helped me was actually not looking outside, so I didn't have a 'trapped feeling', and I didn't feel that I am in air at all :)

When cabin crew started the service I was completely relaxed and I was watching some stuff on my MP3 players. Any bumps were just bumps, not a danger. I trusted the crew both times. I stopped thinking in a way 'what if', I kept concentrating on reality. And it was a pleasure :) 

My golden tip: Tell the cabin crew that you are a nervous flyer. It will be a relief for you, trust me :)

Captain Keith, I don't know what you did, but it was the first time in my life when I wasn't crying on board, wasn't holding the chair in front of me, wasn't looking for the omens and crash signs. I felt safe.

Never thought I would say that, never!

Thank you and I will stay in touch with everyone as I got another 4 flights to do this year :)

Hi Lucy,

That is really good news, I've been looking out for your post as I knew it would have a happy ending! I  hope you've been congratulating yourself for achieving  the goal.


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