Well....I'm on countdown. Its only 5days until my flight. I'm starting to get very jittery, needing support! I'm determined to do it without any drugs or herbal remedies.

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don't worry - You will be fine...remember all those things you have learnt
Hi Amanda

Try to stay in the moment, that is to say don't think about tomorrow or the flight just think of now. If a negative thought comes into your head say "STOP I don't need you." Try to think of somewher that is peaceful and that means something special to you and then close your eyes and go there in your mind. Find a way of relaxing, there are lots of techniques available but the best ones are muscle relaxation because you can do them almost anywhere at any time.

Finally use some deep breathing exercises, diaphragmatic breathing it's called...I'm told it works wonders for taking control of your feelings. Perhaps you know all this and if you do then use this as an encouragement to put them into practice for the next 5 days. We've got some sounds and videos that will help you get used to them.



I hope all this helps. Keep posting and we'll be here to support you. Keith and the team.
Hi - I'm new to this group. I go to Mexico in less than 2 weeks and am also jittery though I am not as bad as I used to be. What I find helps me is to count in my head during take off, turbulence and landing - I basically shut myself off and concentrate on the counting - it also helps if I put noise reducing headphones on so I can block out the noise too. It has helped me enormously and believe me I have tried everything - hypnotherapy, beta blockers, herbal remedies, alchohol. I also have 2 young children so I have to be positive in front of them as I don't want them to end up with my fear. I hope this helps.
I agree 100% with Capt Keith's theory about not allowing the 'fear' in. I was told to imagine it like a little voice on your shoulder saying 'oooh this isn't right - what's that noise - that's not normal'. You need to tell the voice that you're not interested and you're not listening.

I actually did this out loud on a flight from Boston. The poor businessman next to me must have wondered what on earth I was doing jibbering away saying 'You're wasting your time I'm not listening - I'm not interested in what you have to say'!!
I have joined this website but feel a fake! 3 years ago I flew for the first time in 21 years after developing a 'phobia of flying' in 1984, prior to 84 I had flown many times, in 2005 I read Keiths book 'Flying without Fear' and then in December 2005 I calmly flew on my own to Budapest and then caught an onward flight to Kiev, I constantly thought of all I had read and remained surprisingly calm, I imagined Keith was sitting next to me explaining all movements & noises just as the book describes, since that flight 3 years ago I have flown 36 times, opened up a new world and even met my 'new' wife whilst abroad! I now enjoy airports, flying, new foreign places whereas before I would drive abroad which was costly and tiring, please read the book if you haven't already Amanda - it's very reassuring, enjoy your day and look forward to new horizons - you'll be fine!

Thanks for the plug, but what a story. That will be an encouragement to so many people. Thank you very much indeed. If you're a fake let's have more like you.

Thanks everyone. I'm determined to be positive. I enjoy the airport and I'm a secret plane spotter/watcher.
HI Amanda

I cant really add much to this apart from plugging how good the book is (because it is) for fearful flyers like us.

It along with all the support on the (old) forum is what got me to Australia. Apart from the breathing techniques have you tried a Reiki session, it is fantastic for helping you to feel relaxed and positive. I was so impressed with it I trained as a practitiner myself.

Keep staying positive and determined, thats a great frame of mind to be in :)

Phoebe x
Hi Martin

I just wanted to say.........WOW, how fantastic.

Phoebe x
OK, so the big day has arrived. I have had a good nights sleep. Now normally for the last week lots of negative thoughts would have been entering my head as I lay in bed. I havent allowed them in this we. I feel really proud of myself and I havent been anywhere yet!
I am really confident, I am going to remain calm, doing my breathing and going to the wonderful place in my mind. I am adamant that I will not dig my nails into my partners hand as we roar along the runway. :-)
I'll let you know how it goes.

Well done great attitude and we'll all be thinking of you and we'll be looking forward to hearing all about it.

Just a quickie! I had a very good flight out to Tenerife. I practiced my breathing and would not allow any negative thoughts. I imagine Keith sitting next to me! I have the return flight to make in a few days and although I´m not looking forward to it, feel better than I usually do. Thanks Keith

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