My dream destination and I'm not looking forward to it just because of the flight. I'm already breaking out in sweats just thinking of getting on the plane and it's another 6 weeks away! I haven't flown for 8 years and I remember being a total nervous wreck for the whole 9 hours of the flight back then and I know it will be the same this time. I'll take Diazepan before I get on the plane but I know there's no way I'll be able to relax enough to sleep, I'll be too busy listening to engine noises and watching the faces of the cabin crew to think of anything else. I really hate feeling this way and wish I could enjoy every minute instead of feeling in a state of anxiety all the time.

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Hi Michelle. I too am with you on this one. Here I am getting ready for a trip to Europe which I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would do and all I seem to be doing in worrying about the flight over and back. Doesnt matter how many statistics I hear about it being safer then walking I still worry.

I am also armed with Diazapan and am praying it'll at least calm me down (i'm normally highly strung). I know in my mind that it wont be half as bad as I'm imagining it to be but tell that to the other half of my brain thats imagining the worse and then some.

I look at other people on flights sleeping even before take off with a huge sense of envy!!! Wish i could be this relaxed. Hope your trip is wonderful and your holiday wonderful. Best of luck.
Hi Michelle,
I fly out 2 days after you from London Gatwick, so you will already be enjoying the sun when I take off.
Currently I am worried more about injections for hepatitis A and typhoid I shortly have to get than the flight. Main concern about the flight is the boredom factor.My previous longest flight 8 hours went really quickly because I was so engrossed with watching the changing landscapes unfold below from 36,000ft out to the Middle east. Flying over the sea has not the same attraction. I will have loads of reading material and puzzle books and hope Virgin has a good selection of films and food in economy.
In 3 weeks time I will start practicing relaxation and deep breathing each day to a relaxation C D which I also have on my MP3 player.
May I suggest that if you are scared of all the noises you experience in flight you search through the main web site or even better if you could make it to keith's october 10th course. Knowing what all the whirring sounds, bump sensations mean, change in engine noises etc has really helped me to relax on a flight. Also, if a cabin crew member looks worried they may be thinking of some domestic chore they forgot to do, worried about a relative, their new shoes may be hurting totally unrelated to the flight itself.
happy preparations for your dream destination,
Hi Michelle,
How are your preparations going? Not long now before we both fly to Cuba.
Beginning to feel worried as our tickets and visa had not arrived and especially because of the uncertain state of postal deliveries. However, started to worry for nothing for they arrived today panic over!.
Seems somewhat surreal trying to decide which summery clothes to pack when all the leaves are falling and the evenings are getting darker.
I am trying to do relaxation to my C D every day now . I have bought some good reading and puzzle books to keep me busy and once at the airport will treat myself to glossy magazines I usually cannot afford to buy. I hope the Virgin entertainment system is as good as advertised There are 2 films I would like to view if they are actually shown on our plane.
Hope you take on board all the valuable information from the website, it does help knowing the why plane makes certain noises and movements. If a member of the cabin crew looks worried maybe she realised she forgot to do something at home, probably nothing to do with the flight.
Wishing you a lovely holiday,
Hi Elizabeth I have an email saying you have sent me a message but when I go into it I cannot open it or else the message did not come through so I am replying through here. All the best for your flight - given the increase in my anxiety levels today I don't think I am at your stage yet!! I was very positive this morning when I put up a message to Keith and kept myself positive all day getting ready as I have a very early start to morrow.
Hi Elizabeth, only 48 hours now until I step on the plane and I'm as nervous as ever! I've even lost weight over worrying about it but that's not a bad thing as I needed to shift a few pounds any way. I've been trying to keep my mind off it as much as I can but I know when I get to the airport and see the planes I'll be a nervous wreck. I'm going to take diazepam with me just in case things get really bad and I'm going to take some music so I don't have to hear the noises of the engines. I find the flight usually does go quickly, well I remember it did when we went to Florida a few years back. I'll make sure I take a couple of books and magazines to read to keep me occupied and it would be nice if I could get some sleep but I doubt it very much. How did you get on with your vaccinations? I had mine about a month ago now, and while it didn't hurt at the time, my arms were sore to touch for about a week later. Anyway, I must go as I have so much to do. If I don't speak to you before have a safe journey and a lovely holiday. Which part of Cuba are you going to by the way?
Hi Michelle,
Anticipatory build up before injection worse than the actual jab itself, although arm was tender for a while after. However, better to be protected than get something nasty.
Will be thinking of you as you wing your way across the Atlantic- and as you relax by the pool or on the beach please send me positive thoughts for a very long day on Sunday. Once landed and processed at Havana airport we have a 2- 3 hour road journey to our first hotel in the Vinales valley.After 3 days there we have an INTERNAL Flight from Havana to Santiago,then travel the length of the island back to Havana stopping in Baracoa, Trinidad ,Holguin etc. In fact 7 different hotels, also walking in the mountains and tropical forests . and visiting tobacco growers , sugar plantations and a school. Packing , or deciding what to pack is my challenge today as we have a smaller luggage allowance with the internal flight-20kgs as regards 23kgs with Virgin. It is exciting !!!!!!!.
have a lovely holiday and speak when we both return.
Enjoy a mojito for me when you arrive,

If you need to call me it's 01420 588 628

Sorry I've not been on line but I've been enjoying 16 days in the USA

Only 6 and a half hours until we get picked up for Manchester airport and 12hrs 45 until our flight! I'm not as nervous as I thought I'd be at this stage but all that could change when I get to the airport. We're going to Holguin, a resort called Sol Rio de Luna y Mares which is in Guardalavaca so we could end up being just up the road from each other! I hope you have a safe journey and I'll be thinking of you on Sunday. I'll let you know how I got on when I get back. Have a great holiday!!

Thanks Keith, I've made a note of your number so you might end up getting a call if I get terribly anxious.

I hope you had a good holiday!

Well I made it back safely after a brilliant holiday! The flight to Cuba from Manchester was 9.5 hours long and after sinking a few wines it went by very quickly. The weather was good and the flight was uneventful so I was pretty much relaxed the whole way there and the landing was perfect. The flight back however was more nerve wracking as we had to land in Varadero first to drop off and pick up more passengers before flying on to Manchester so it was an extra take off and landing I hadn't anticipated but it went ok. The flight was during the night so it made me feel nervous and claustrophobic knowing the ocean was beneath us and I couldn't see a thing outside. Then came the announcement from the captain to put our seat belts on as the weather ahead was very windy and we'd be experiencing turbulence and boy did we! I was very scared at this point and could feel the tears starting to well up but the turbulence probably only really lasted for 10 minutes but to me felt like a lifetime! We landed back safely in Manchester ahead of schedule with another good landing and to say it as a relief was an understatement. Looking back though it really wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated and we're already talking about booking another long haul for next year. One thing I did forget to mention which fueled my fear, as we were cleared for take off from Varadero, we were probably doing what felt like 100 miles an hour down the runway almost wheels up when the plane braked abruptly and we came to a standstill for around 5 minutes before the captain announced what had happened. Apparently a call was radioed through to the cabin that a passenger had not got on the plane so there was another 5 minute anxious wait to see if the passengers bag was on board and would we have to go back. Thankfully it wasn't and the passenger had just missed the flight so we could finally get on our way. The captain then announced that was the first time ever in his whole career that had happened where he'd received a call through about a missed passenger while he was about to take off that made the plane come to a complete standstill. All in all, I worried myself silly from when the holiday was booked last year and I really needn't have. I know I will always be nervous about flying but now I've done it I don't think I'll be anywhere near as nervous next time fingers crossed!

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