I am going back home and i am scared!
nervous of taking off 10 hour flight.
once it gets to alititude i feel good, i have anixety for 10 years and
i need you people help please, i am thinking too much
last year i made it. this year i hope i can make it by myself.
i am 27 years and scared. i have Xanax I hope that can help me

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You will be fine. take the xanax on your way to the airport to stop your mind. I am a nervous flyer as well the only thing is I feel safe on international flights. Think about it ,most of the time there are three pilots and the plane is so big you won't feel take off as much. Also try to get a seat by the front of the plane I read you feel less turbulance in the front. I am flying to Arizona in one week and I would trade you in a heart beat.
Good Luck

Boeing 767-300

Is 22G a good seat
but still Flying 10 Hours Is Tiring
Are you Polish? I live in Warsaw.
If you want and are in Warsaw I can present you some help I got last years to overcome my fear of flying. Very helpful books, videos, cds...
It works for me, so it will work for you too.
What is your motivation to go back? You will be proud of yourself when you finally land in Poland.
I was terriefied and flew to Peru, Mexico...it was more than 10 hours ;-) and during the flight I hold my friend's hand :-). Organize some nice things to do during the flight (movies, colourful magazines with a lot of photos, cds with relaxing music for the flight), etc.

Best wishes,

Hi Mikey

I flew the Boeing 767 for 15 years it's a great plane. Sounds like you've got a nicely positioned seat...although the truth is they're all good on the 767

Captain Keith
The plane and your sit is good mate, you'll be fine dont worry. The travel is indeed tiredsome but you must not worry about the shakings. The aircraft is awsome. Wish you a pleasant flight.

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