Today in Kiev we had the kind of snow that would normally bring England to a standstill (i.e. about 6 inches.) Everyone in the office has been speculating as to whether or not we’ll be able to fly home for Christmas. Lots of stories going around about scary flying weather and spending Christmas Eve on a bench in the airport.

I’ve been trying not to listen too much, but the amount of people saying, ‘of course Kiev airport will stay open, they’re used to the snow, it’s Heathrow that’ll close,’ made me wonder what it is about the snow that Kiev can cope with but Heathrow can’t.

Also I went onto the main site looking for a bit of info about planes, ice and snow and in the pictures bit there was a pic of a plane about to take off in snowy conditions and the caption said ‘It’s usual to do a full power take off in these conditions, it’s another safety margin.’ I was wondering why snow/ice/cold necessitates a full power take off.

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It's a precaution, nornally graduated thrust is used for take off. It's a bit like not using full throttle to accellerate away from the  traffic could...but it's not necessary.

So when thre runway is contaminated we accellerate as fast as we can.

reason is snow will reduce accelleration. so it counteracts that.


Thanks :)

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