A380 is a magnificent aircraft, felt excited to be travelling on such a huge plane Even in economy and on row87 2 rows from the back  it was so spacious .Leg room was reasonable too. The in flight entertainment is ICE with so many things to do. I especially liked the pilots eye view and on our landing approach I pretended I was Keith landing the plane- there are cameras attached to the front, tail and underneath the plane which I found fascinating and kept me amused  tracking our progress.

So 4 more flights notched up ! LHR Dubai, Dubai to Colombo and return.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country, not as squalid and chaotic as India - saw elephants, lots of Buddhist temples, smiling people, impromptu cricket matches with 2 lumps of wood as wickets and a bat and ball, and sampled a wonderful variety of curries .Also saw rebuilding after the dreadful Tsunami in 2004.

I still get nervous before an adventure  but the anticipatory pre flight anxiety is worth enduring for me  to have seen so many places and had so many awesome experiences since finding Keith and his course and his information around 2005. 

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You are so very lucky to have flown on the a380! I'm still waiting. And couldn't have put it better about the anxiety being worth the great locations we visit

I want, want ,want , to fly on the A380

When I was in Australia somer years ago  speaking to the fear of flying graduates from the Qantas course I met the senior A380 training pilot who offered me a go on their simulator ... I turned it down 

because we were off to Melbourne ... arghhh!

Captain Keith

Elizabeth  would you ever have believed what you are doing? ... I remember, you were so claustrophobic until I mentioned that the pilot could open his window.



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