Hello everyone

i have missed my british airways flight back from athens and booked an aegean flight back for tomorrow. Has anyone here flown with them? Does anyone know whether they respond to the same rules and standards as major airlines?

I am really scared tonight and would appreciate your advice immensely

thanks so much


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Don't worry, there should be no problems, as you suggested all the airlines have to fly to the same standard. Let us know all about your trip when you get back. Have a good flight. I'd be happy to fly with the airline you mentioned.

Thanks Keith, I read your response before flying and this helped.

So now I'll report on the dreaded travels there and back... I traveled on the 1st of January, which means that I didn't get any sleep before taking the plane as I had spent all night celebrating New Year's Eve in style, and went straight from my party to the airport, rushing a fair bit.
This was actually good, because i didn't have time to think about whether i was going to take it or not, i just concentrated on running and doing things fast.

I took off from Heathrow airport after going through Terminal 5, which is a nice and spacious place. You can see planes take off and reassure yourself that these do make it to "above the clouds" level! The fact that i'd been partying / drinking all night also made me decide against taking the medication i was prescribed (diozepam or something like that), which i guess also ended up being a good thing as I was more aware of what was going on around me.

I had checked-in online the day before the flight and picked a seat on the wing for less turbulences. Also an aisle seat close to the exit doors in case we needed to be evacuated quickly (I know, that's sick). Anyways that was a good pick as I ended up being seated to a very nice young Greek man and we debated about Aristotle and Socrates and his ridiculously beautiful country during the whole flight, among other things. I'm not going to lie - it was scary. But the flight wasn't busy so I had all the attention i possibly needed from the crew, and by the time we arrived close to athens the lights and the view were so beautiful that I thought I wouldn't be too sorry to crash in the Aegean.

Thankfully it didn't happen and I went on a fairytale holiday for a week.

I conveniently missed my flight back on the 6th and stayed one more day in the country of gods (and ouzo). Because my ticket was non exchangeable, I had to fly back low-cost, with aegean airways, which i thought was very scary as i wondered if people would be able to speak English to me, and hd never heard of that airline before. Also, I had nothing to look forward to as I was going back to London and leaving my boyfriend in Athens. The aircraft was much smaller. BUT this flight was SO incredibly friendly with all these Greek people on it making a party of it, that my fears in this respect dissipated quickly. Time to have a meal and see a movie and the flight was almost over, the rest of the flight was spent hoping not to crash over Switzerland (sorry but i was thinking that if we could crash just a little bit further, I'd rather be given first aid by a Frenchman), and trying to visualise / imagine what the pilot was doing, as well as telling myself that the crew were doing this every day and it was absolutely nothing at all for them. It was a night flight and I believe this helped. The landing was firm, which I knew it would be as I had read in Keith's book that it's better to land rather firmly on wet ground, so I wanted it to be firm, as I knew it was safer. Hence when the rest of the plane actually clenched to their seat and a few people uttered a little scream, I was cool as cucumber as I knew this was needed. And i was sitting next to the exit doors anyway so in case of an emergency i wouldn't have to rely on anyone else to open that door we could evacuate (stupid again, sorry).

May I comment on people clapping their hands on landing like it was a miraculous thing to have successfully landed? Are we not SUPPOSED TO land safely? I don't like it when people do that, it makes me feel like this all happened by magic. I much rather like to thank the crew for their warm smiles, help, and reassuring words, but i guess the clapping is a detail.

Overall don't take offence about what I'm writing here, but I do feel like a complete fool for being scared. Had it been turbulent the whole length of the flight I might have thought differently, but even when the seatbelt signs came on, i just thought to myself, "it's alright, we are going into some turbulences, it might stop in one minute, and the pilot doesn't care, because the chances are that he can fly a plane even if it's upside down".

If I could, I would take another flight to Athens today to stay with my man for a bit more. I would be dead scared but i'd take the flight, and laugh at myself afterwards!

Go on planes, people, seeing your loved ones is so much more important than a few hours of fear.
Happy New Year to all, I wish us all to see a bit more of the world this year!

First thing to say is well done.

Nothing you say is silly. It's a great account of an interesting experience and thank you for sending it to us so quickly.
With regard to people clapping...I often heard the passengers clapping after a landing, yes perhaps it's to do with feeling safe, perhaps people are glad to be home, whatever it was I always enjoyed hearing it.
And see how that bit of knowledge about firm landings in wet weather is useful...facts and knowledge build confidence.

See here
Keith and the team.

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