i was a little unsure whether to watch this show. But i have found it had helped to settle my nerves. Very educational and informative.....phew releaved! Now just to wwtch for the rest of the week.

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I missed this programme  but i'll catch it on iplayer and let you know my impressions.


I look forward to hear your take on it. Get an insiders opinion.
I have really enjoyed this show. I don't watch air disaster programmes etc, but I found this really informative and it wasn't at all negative about aviation. Just fact informing really. We never get to see what goes on behind the scenes and I thought it was an excellent insight into Heathrow. The stats were amazing and I was in ore if Air Traffic Control. This is one airport of hundreds and it kinda puts things into perspective. I feel very positive about flying these days and this just reinforced it.

I still have half of the last programme to watch yet! Loved it so far.

I really found the part about take off and why we have to queue. The vortex explanation was really good.

Did you get chance to see any Keith.?

Great advertising for 

Hi Amanda

Great series... I've mearnt quite a lot from it too.

 I've had to delete the name of that airline from your post as they have a legal requirement that I never mention their name. 


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