Airport Safety fear now! Feeling overwhelmed with anxiety.

Hi Captain Keith:

Okay I have now taken two flights to Australia back to back from Houston, Texas, without incident. This time I have something else besides the actuall flying that is heavily on my mind. Seems someone in the TSA here in the US "accidentally" put the procedures for Airport Screening in a place where you could internet access to it. Of course the Department of Homeland Security says that the flying public was never in any danger> However, I cannot forget this story. I was shocked that this could happen. My fear has now escalated because of this and I do not know what to do because I can't get it off my mind. I already look at everyone who is getting on ther plane in a suspicious way, not everyone but certain people. I don't like doing that... but now what do I do with a flight coming December 20th on Air New Zeland and Continental leaving Houston, Texas.

I don't know how to process this at all and move it of the way and it is ruining any excitement I have for the trip.

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Hi Susanne

I don't know about this incident but I think I'd be re-assured by the fact that everyone who looked at the site can be tracked and that any sudden spreading of that information would be visible to any agency tracking web site traffic.

Remember terrorists don't want to leave a trail to other members. I wouldn't worry about it.

There have to be a whole lot of improbable things coinciding to make this slip of any value to a terrorost....oh and having published them do you think the same procedures are going to be in place ...or maybe they security people will be even more vigilant.

Stop worrying...there's nothing to be alarmed about...or are you looking for something to worry about?

Captain Keith
Not looking for something to worry about just an automatic response to stories like that. I know I need to work on that and not let it get out of hand. If I could just get a handle on this anticipatory anxiety it would be fine because I know I am okay in the air.
Hi Susanne

Just testing will get a handle on these patient with yourself...these are normal thoughts that you're going through....just expect them and take them along for the ride.

when you're ready tell yourself that they're not helping you and it's time for them to be thrown away.

Like you say don't let them get out of hand...sounds like you're doing step at a time remember.


Captain Keith
Well my worst fears have surfaced on this trip...the worst of them is the attempted bombing of the Delta Flight to Detroit. I don't think there are any words to talk me down from this ledge. The anxiety is overwhelming and is making me sick. I am in Australia but who knows if I will return home at this point. I may stay grounded for a while. How coincidental this is since I sent you the email of the TSA screw up here about putting information on airport screening out in the public arena. I am dumbstruck by this latest screwup....if I do manage to get back on I think it may be my last for a while.

Any encouraging words.... because it doesn't look good.


Sussanne K.

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