Feel the fear and do it anyway...am so emotional...I did it...booked my flights with easyjet last minute to Marrakesh. My friends cant believe I am actually going, they are cheering as they know I am sooooo neurotic I like at least 2 months to prepare for a flight, I am so very scared and nervous but am reading everyone's advice over and over and if you have any more keep emailing me! I am determined to go ahead. Even though I am not a fan of easyjet's scramble for seats I know they are a safe airline and that Keith has trained up a lot of the pilots, I have also got speedy boarding and if anyone has any other good things to say about easyjet let me know! My heart is beating so fast but am already proud of myself that I have booked it so last minute! Lets just hope I keep hold of my anxieties so can make the flight, I couldnt bear to let myself down!

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I am amazing, strong and beautful I can do this and I can do anything i set my mind to
I am repeating...got my elastic band ready...how are you feeling Jacqueline? My stomach is in knots.
My stomach is turning too, I am trying to focus on Pasta and Red Wine. Do you fly tomorrow??
Pasta and red wine is EXACTLY what I am having tonight how funny! I am flying sunday at 4pm from Gatwick GULP PING PING PING
It looks like a 4 hour flight - make sure to eat breakfast but no coffe,tea or orange juice avoid caffeen and things that are high in sugar. Dont go on a empty stomach aleast have toast and a egg if you can.
Make a sign and tape it to the seat back in front of you do that say positive things so they come easy to you. PING PING PING and read the sign. I promiss I will be right there with you the entire time. What is the time difference from Denver to London 9 hours??
I dont know the exact time difference but that sounds about right! Here at the moment it is friday 6pm
I will be there with you too, it WILL be ok. I know you will be. Great advice about the sign and the food, I will have no coffee from now on either. How long is your flight?
I go Denver to Chicago 2.5 hours and Chicago to Rome 10.5 Hours I leave on Tuesday at 10AM. It is only 7 hours difference its 11 AM for me. We both will have great adventures to write to each other about. I want to see photos
I will make sure I am on tomorow if you need to chat. Breath and PING PING and I will do the same... your rubber ban babe
It would be great to have a simulator course for groups. Since indeed the take off and turbulance are things that most people fear it would be helpful to practice these with a group. In that way it might be affordable to more people.


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