Feel the fear and do it anyway...am so emotional...I did it...booked my flights with easyjet last minute to Marrakesh. My friends cant believe I am actually going, they are cheering as they know I am sooooo neurotic I like at least 2 months to prepare for a flight, I am so very scared and nervous but am reading everyone's advice over and over and if you have any more keep emailing me! I am determined to go ahead. Even though I am not a fan of easyjet's scramble for seats I know they are a safe airline and that Keith has trained up a lot of the pilots, I have also got speedy boarding and if anyone has any other good things to say about easyjet let me know! My heart is beating so fast but am already proud of myself that I have booked it so last minute! Lets just hope I keep hold of my anxieties so can make the flight, I couldnt bear to let myself down!

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You are amazing, and strong and you can do this!! A rubber band helps me, when ever I start to think irrational thoughts I snap the rubber band a remind myself that I am safe. I leave for Rome in 6 days and I like the idea we will be on vacation at the same time, that we both can overcome this
Jacqueline this is great that you are going around the same time! We will both be pinging rubber bands on our wrists in the sky! That thought makes me feel less panicky and less alone. I am going with a group of girls who dont feel any fear at all and that is making me a litle nervous but it wont stop me! rubber band alert...:)
I agree you should both be proud of yourselves...

and I'm still available as a travel companion...first class...or business at a push ...and a 5* Hotel. It's a bargain really!

Well done both.

Caro, you are not alone we can do this together!! Beware the rubber band babes are taking to the skies
Sounds like a girl Band to me
AM STAYING BRAVE..we are the rubber band babes that is so funny...Keith's right...I feel a song coming on....:)
GULP...ofcourse I woke up this morning drenched in sweat wondering why on earth I think I am really that brave!!!!But am taking deep breaths and since I have been on the site and read this am smiling again. Feeling very wobbly but WE CAN DO THIS! WE CAN!

Of course you can do it, all these feelings come from thoughts. There's no physical force causing them. It's just the way you perceive things ...and you always manage to deal with them when you go flying. Remember thoughts cause feelings cause behaviour.
You've got a lot of history of bad feelings and as I've said they may take a long time to overcome, but each flight you take 'normalises' things more and more.
You are making progress and each time you fly you're getting better at it...trouble is each time you jump higher, you raise the height of the bar...that's what makes progress.
You're making progress believe me.
We need to organise a day out for fearful flyers ..pop over to the continent for a celebration.
I wonder if you've thought about the simulator ...expensive I know but we maybe could get a group of people who don't like the take off in particular and spend a couple of hours experiencing them ...and even be at the controls doing one.
Keep smiling...(as if you wouldn't anyway)

Hi , the elastic babes!
keep pinging those bands, deep breathing and telling yourself positive things- I can do this, I AM going to do it- Feel the fear and do it anyway.Distract those negative thoughts by any means- counting, singing, talking to your friends etc. Think ahead as to why you are flying and the benefits of travelling by air and the holiday. Also if statistics are accurate about 25% of the passengers on your flight will be equally as apprehensive, but can you tell which ones?
Pretend Keith is the pilot.
YOU CAN DO IT, best wishes, Elizabeth.
Thanks Elizabeth - ping ping ping. I will pretend Keith is the pilot!!
what a good idea for all of us to have a go in the simulator AND to have a day out all of us pinging away in the one aeroplane...I dont think I would be at all scared then so yes....the problem really IS in the way I perceive things. Why is the idea of you guys and Keith on a plane so so safe and yet the flights I am going on so scary - the same safety measures are surely always taken!? 'I must think CBT..change the way I think....which will change the way I feel...
I thought I'd posted the fact that we just came back from Crete with easyjet last week. Obviously not. Well we did and they were fine. I agree about the scramble for seats but we managed to sit together both ways and the crew re-organised people so they could sit in groups or families...so it worked out fine on our flights.

What's this about Caro?
Lets just hope I keep hold of my anxieties so can make the flight, I couldnt bear to let myself down!

Hope won't do anything but positive action will. I won't encourage you to hope for something...it's not the right way. Rather give me the evidence for why you think you need to hope.
If you let yourself down you'll have to bear it...but it's the wrong language "letting yourself down" what does that mean?

Try using the words the other way around..."I'm determined to deal with this". Words are thoughts which are emotions which are behaviours.

I'm a hard man I know...I'd rather be helpful than popular.

I keep getting excited about going on holiday and then I remember I am flying and this great feeling of doom hits the pit of my stomach..I wish that feeling would just GO AWAY but I know I have to be patient and just keep working on it. The girls I am going with dont know the severity of my fear and that is making me even more tense, I want to play the CD in the car on the way to the airport but they will be there and I will feel like a right loon chanting TURBULENCE IS NOT DANGEROUS etc.. I am repeating positive statements at my desk at work such as....Easyjet are fine..... Keith has trained up some of the pilots - um...Keith, do you think you should come on these flights just to monitor the pilots? I think that's an excellent idea myself.
Yes I'll do that if you think the crew will let me!!
Don't wish things away...that's wishful thinking ...you're only allowed positive thinking aren't you?

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