Another incredible trip -but two questions for Keith


Back home in wet Southampton, complete with Christmas decorations in shops after a fantastic fortnight in South  India- NO MORE CURRY for several days bring me mashed potato and bland food to let taste buds settle down - No tummy troubles though brilliant- flights LHR to Mumbai -night flight -had turbulence for over half of flight and restricted trolley food service for part of journey.- does not worry me -just like being on a bus- B777

Flight Mumbai to Chennai B737-800 calm and quick.

 so many experiences, an assault on all senses. Visited temples, travelled by Indian railways, visited Ooty in Nigrilis mountains by toy train -saw tea plantations, stayed at beach resort in Kelera for 3 nights,  rice boat  cruise on the back waters seeing river life and smiling people- experienced 3 tropical storms at night- what fantastic lightening and thunder.

Flight home yesterday Kochi - Mumbai B737- smooth and all over the sea

Flight home Mumbai -LHR 8.50 mins very smooth all the way  seat belt fastening sign not on at all except for T off and landing .

 NOW 2 questions for Keith -

1) what is the point of the cabin being sprayed by chemicals as you approach destination? seems pointless.

2) why on a daytime flight do the cabin crew ask you to put the window blinds down for almost the entire flight - had wing seat so could not see much but would have liked to have been able to travel in daylight?

STATISTICS - I have completed my 53rd plane journey 53 take offs and landings- 48 of these since first meeting Keith in 2005  and gaining knowledge and information about flying, breathing  relaxation techniques( after not flying for over 25 years) .So if you are nervous about any aspect of flying contact him don't put it off - the world is out there to explore- Go for it.!

best wishes,


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Hi Elizabeth

Wow, what a fantastic journey, well done you!

I'm really interested in Keith's answer to question 1, never heard of that before

We flew on the Dreamliner to Austin last year, did you notice that you had less jet lag? I am guessing that the window blinds have something to do with this. It's a great plane isn't it

What a fool I am, the Dreamliner is 787!!!

Hi Elizabeth,
Sounds like you are having the time of your life. I love your statistics! Since we sat next to each other on Keiths course I've flown 36 times. Thats 84 flights between us!! Keith has given us so many positives (apart from our bank balances !)

HI Jim,

Good to hear from you  and that you have achieved so many flights. We have a lot to celebrate since Keith's course .-lots of pats on the back and medals from the box of achievements.- and experiencing new countries  and cultures.

Hi Elizabeth

I can't tell you the reason for spraying just before arrival ... but it was a common practice when I was flying , so I left it to the experts ... I'll try to find the answer next week while I'm working.

The crews can't tell you what to do with your blinds ... you paid for your seat and you do what you want as far as I know. Maybe some passengers were trying to sleep??

I'd complain to the airline for spoiling your flight ... or discover a valid reason.


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