Just thought I’d do a quick update to let you know that I survived my flight to Chicago last week.

I can honestly say that after my third flight of the year (NYC, Barcelona and Chicago) that I’m starting to feel like there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

I was super prepared for the flight and had new hand luggage, taken my laptop with my favourite films, mag/book, - pretty much anything that would take my mind off the flight. The man I was sat next to was going home to San Franscisco and I was reading my Capt Keith book when we boarded. We chatted on the runway and although I was obviously aware of takeoff I can hand on heart say that I didn’t realise that the seatbelt signs had gone off because he was gabbing about where he’d been.

The flight itself was fine – barely any turbulence and if anything only enough to annoy me while I was watching my film. I actually put some rubbish in the bin in the galley for the stewardess at one point while I was queuing for the bathroom –get a load of me trolley dolly!!

Coming back I was a bit apprehensive on the morning of the flight but nothing too much. More jitters than full blown WAH!! We checked in really early unfortunately and Chicago airport isn’t the most exciting so I spent 2½ hrs at the gate watching American Airlines planes come in and out in various sizes which added a bit of normality to it all. I was watching all the pilots as well – turning up like I do to the office in the morning – all very normal and ‘another day another dollar’ type of thing.

Flight was fine again – the young girl next to me was flying alone from Texas to start Uni in Bangor and was only 17!! I spent a lot of the flight talking to her about England and the weather etc. The flight was boring (as are most night flights with not being able to see anything) but before I knew it I was home and back in not so sunny Manchester.

My final note is to say an enormous thank you to Helen who text me the morning of the flight and checked again that I arrived safely. It means so much when you know someone is rooting for you and I thank her all the way up to the sky!!! :)
Jo x

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Great, and well done Jo.

I was thinking about you that weekend (I was enjoying my 3 days off rota ... bliss) Meant to message you before you left but things in work that week were a bit up the wall.

So glad that the flights went well for you though.



ps What's all this nonsense "I survived my flight to Chicago last week"?
pps I know what you mean...just kidding

Hmmm actually it was a bad choice of words wasn't it!
You did great! You'll have thousands of admirers for what you've achieved.
We stayed at the Conrad off the Mag Mile and the coffee place next door was Cosi. On the first morning we went for bagels and coffee and was offered $1 cheesecake for charity!! Needless to say I had myself a little portion of cheesecake everyday - all in the name of helping the children :)

I must admit I'm very torn about next trip. We've booked for Med side of Egypt for next summer but I'd love to sneak in another US trip. Manchester direct flights are becoming few and far between so its either a change and layover in Heathrow or maybe transfer in Chicago to Miami.

Any ideas would be very welcome!
Well done Jo! Wow, those are some long flights you've been on, and some amazing places you've seen. I'd love to go to America some day (have been but when I was about 5 and only for a week).

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