Hi everyone


Just wanted to update you on how I got on with my flights to and from Kefalonia. I think I did quite well, but I was still a little disappointed with myself and I'm not sure I was any better than I have been on previous flights.


On the way out I got nervous the night before and was anxious in the airport, as soon as I boarded the plane I burst into tears. There were two flight attendants on the plane though who worked really hard throughout the flight to help reassure me. They even alowed me to sit with them during take off and spent the whole period trying to distract me and get me to laugh, which they were successful at! During the flight I was reasonably relaxed, but as soon as we hit any kind of turbulence I immediately tensed up and got very scared.


On the return flight my partner told me I was a lot more relaxed, I didn't feel it though. We had quite a bit of turbulence on the way back, it wasn't bad because they didn't put the seat belt lights on, but it was enough to scare me for most of the way back. I still cant get to the bottom of why I feel so frightened during turbulence. It was very windy in the UK when we landed we had quite a bumpy landing, but this proves how irrational my fear is, because I have no fear of landing I actually found the bumpiness fun!!


Anyway, I will keep plodding on and keep working on my fear. My parents have invited us on holiday with them next year to Charlestone, but it's such a long flight... I'd love to go, but after Greece I'm not sure I can put myself through it for all that time!



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