I have always been scared off flying. Mainly take off but I have recently had a bad dream involing a flight I am taking in a couple of weeks. I was desperate not 2 get on the plane but had no choise, I was on the return from trip - ldn to belfast and suddenly found myself on the plane. It was almost skimming the water. Next thing I was in a car and chatting away as I had made it home and was so so happy. I am now really worried this will come true but the plane will crash. Has anyone else had this and if so what did they do. I feel so scared and want to change my flight home but I think my boyfriend will thing I'm mad.
Any help or advice would be really welcome x

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Thank you again for your support. What I was able to conclude from having read more about aviation is that when a person steps on a plane, that person is indeed more likely to come out alive than to NOT come out alive.

Unfortunately, my mind gets stuck on the "how much more likely" part. I plan on using heavy drugs on the way home and simply turn to faith, praying that it is in God's plan that my husband will see me and his kids again.
The reality is that when we're up there, we're in the hands of a Higher Power. We choose to expose ourselves to this activity - speeding like crazy in the air, in fallible machines - to keep up with our incredibly fast world. Then we turn to the Almighty (whoever this entity is) asking It to defend us from ourselves.

Thank you again for everyone's support.

"Unfortunately, my mind gets stuck on the "how much more likely" part."

The answer is a whole lot more likely BUT when the chances of a car accident are so remote then our minds cannot compute the difference between one in a million and one in a hundred million... the differences between one in a thousand and one in a hundred million is nothing for all practical purpose.

At these odds it's not going to happen...if it does you've hit the 'one' to the rest it doesn't.

The reality when you're up there is that you are not in the hands of a Higher power, why should God pick on people who are flying anymore than someone sitting in the garden. From a personal point of view I believe that God gives and God takes but sure as hell I never relied on him to do my check lists for me or the outside inspection of my aircraft. Nor did I ever pray that he kept the laws of physics going til I landed. Science is science and if something works one day it'll work the next.
Physics, mathematics engineering and gravity ( the laws of motion that is) make aircraft fly and that's that. There's no belief in it!

I don't fly to keep up with the world...though some may...I fly because it's liberating, uplifting and above all utterly beautiful and peaceful.
Praying is a perfectly normal practice for millions, but prayers are not an extra insurance policy...or we'd pray before getting in a car or walking down the stairs. You don't have to pray to be safer on a plane. Pray for the reasons your faith asks.

Captain Keith
Thank you, Keith. I will be thinking of your words when flying, in 10 days.
Well done and if you have questions or want to raise a discussion just go ahead... that's why we're here.


Dreams like this are perfectly normal. It doesn't mean it will come true. That only ever happens in movies. I dream sometimes that my Mum is still alive, when I wake though she is still dead. My dreams will never change this fact. I also have dreams that I'm on a flight and something catastrophic happens. Despite this, I have flown atleast 100 times and every time I've landed and got on with life.

If we were to sit and continually think about the risks, we would never leave the house. But life isn't like that. Living is a risk - but living is what we ae meant to do. Whether it's getting in the car and driving to work. I can't remember the number of accidents I've passed on the roads over the years - no doubt some of them were fatal. But it doesn't stop me driving.

I am a nervous flyer. I accept the risk, as I do with everything in life, but I wish I could walk away from the situation when the fear becomes too much. And that is why I don't fear most other things. I can walk away from them, I can get off the train at the next station if I want to, I can ask the bus driver to pull over etc. I can't get just jump off the plane at 35,000 feet. Maybe I could but that would probably kill me. Ironic I know.

Christina - I know it's difficult but we all need to start acepting that there is a risk in everything. Nothing is 100 percent safe. We are human, not invincible. Your argument about spending as much money as it takes to make flying safe - the civil aviation world already does that. But no matter how much money you spend on something - there will always be a risk that it will fail. You could build the best house, but it could still fall down. It more than likely won't. But you can never say never. I'm going to go to the gym later. I'm more than likely going to have just a normal session and come home wrecked. But there is still a risk I could injure myself.

Right now there are millions of people in the air - eating their lunch and watching an inflight movie. Many will land in warm, beautiful destinations and be preparing for a relaxing holiday. I'm sat in my living room looking out at the rain. I know where I'd rather be.

We need to work together and support each other. Facts are power.

Terry x
I don't know you but I loved your e-mail. I my self will be flying on a 10 hour flight to London in less than a week and I have been reading and using this site for 2 weeks now but each time I think of flying I get stomach aches and can't sleep well already. Your e-mail reminded me a lot. I also tell stewards that I'm scared of flying and I even took xenox but that makes me feel like a zombie. I start crying for no reason and feel like vomiting. This time I am hoping not to take anything and for the 1st time will be flying without my husband and it will be just me and my daughter. I don't know if I can do this. I have tears in my eyes right now just thinking about it. I don't want to scare my daughter but all these sites and sessions aren't helping me that much. It's like my brain can't think anything positive since there is so much negativity I have put in it. Please respond to my e-mail with some help. I have been sending messages but no one is replying and I don't even know where to read their messages. I hope I will hear from you whoever you are

Thank you
Hello Iza

I did send you my telephone number..but of course I am in the UK.

Any replies you get from your messages should be notified to you by Email.

Have you got my book and CD set which you can download from this link

This is the quickest help we can get to you, you will find the tracks very re-assuring.

Captain Keith

Hello Captain Keith:

I'm trying to call you for 2 days now but you're phone is busy. I'm calling from L.A. and I'm not sure if there are other codes I have to dial or just the phone number you gave me. Please let me know what time is best to reach you. Thanks
Ring me in three and a half hours from now which will ten o'clock my time (UK). then for 12 hours after that I shall be around. I'll send you a message via this site if I need to go out.


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