Well here I go again. Off on my holidays in 3 weeks. Have popped on for a quick refresher! I do feel excited and positive. I feel my fear has gone, but then I don't think completely and I don't think it ever will. I've accepted that, but I would say I am in line now with most of the population when it comes to flying. You know a little nervous, but it's not overwhelming like it has been. The only thing that has got my mind going is I am flying from Manchester, which I am not used to and it is a lot bigger than Birmingham where I know everything. Also I booked my flight seats and the plane plan came up and it was seats in a 2, 4, 2 combination and I have always flown on 3, 3. I think it has all just threw me a bit. If I was going from Birmingham on the usual plane I fly on, I think I would be okay. But everything about it feels bigger. Bigger airport, bigger plane. It's all new and I usually stick to routine, rituals and knowing the plan. I feel like I am entering the unknown. I'm sure I will be okay. I've done so well over the years, I just....I dunno? It will be okay won't it?

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Hi Fay. 

We nearly always go from Manchester, it's a great airport!

What plane are you on A330? Nice planes!

Hi Amanda,

It's a B767? Have you been on one of those? I have heard Manchester is a nice airport. I just hope it's not too busy and manic. I will just have to busy myself in the shops and try and forget it all eh. Any excuse to shop!

Yes you will be ok my DVD  star !!!


Hey Fay.
You may have already gone by now but if not have a great time. I know everything will be fine so i dont need to wish you luck. Im going to Spain myself in a months time. Flying from Birmingham. As Catherine Tate would say 'I aint even bothered'! Take care x

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