In order to cope, I would like to bring my laptop on the plane to access fof website, read fof book that I downloaded; I'll bring, as a back up plan, a walkman for listening to cds (Capt K's of couse). What I'd like to know ...
1. is there power available for computer use on Boeing 737-800?
2. can I access the web on a flight?
3. are there really tv-s on the back of each chair in a 737-800?
4. can you select a movie from various choices or do you have to watch what is on the screen?
5. do cell phones work in a plane?
6. It is unfortunate that the decent seats, are "special" for a higher price..I will be sitting 2 rows behind the right wing for round that a stable place, like sitting over the wings?
7. I used to be claustraphobic and panic and on top of it, get really nauseated from fear and motion. ....I anticipate being very excited about the flight, but I fear my reaction if there is moderate to significant turbulence...not worried about minor, actually (and I can hardly believe it!) I am somewhat looking forward to finding my courage when minor turbulence is present. I know it's not dangerous, ...maybe that's the mantra!
All help is greatly appreciated...tell me about the 737 800....going on Alaska Airlines from California to Anchorage, Alaska.

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You lucky person. What a journey. You have to enjoy it. The privelege of such a trip is unknown to millions of people....make sure you enjoy it. I'll try to help by finding out what I can about the -800. Which airline are you going with?

I dont think all Boeing 737-800 have the tv in the back of the seat's do they??? I am flying in one next Wed from Pa to AZ in the USA on Continental???? Just a thought
I am taking Alaska Airlines....I lived in Alaska for 11, the journey is really about the flight! Thanks for responding...and checking on that craft!
Hi, If you go on the airline website you may be able to search for cabin layout/seat plan which may show power socket points or even e-mail information at the airline's website. It may depend on the airline but none of the 737's I have flown on have had any form of personal seat entertainment , certainly not in economy but these were all for short haul flights. In USA it may be different.
I would take reading material/MP3 player or similar /puzzle books just in case.

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