Sat and watched BBC Breakfast this morning during one of their bulletins to see the piece on the "fixed" 787 battery problems.  Ethiopian Airlines took one of their 787s to the skies with what seemed to be a fair chunk of Boeing's exec headcount on board as well as journalists, technicians and so on.

As the piece ended, and the reporter handed back to the studio, the presenter said "thanks to X for that, he'll hopefully be flyjng back on something else than a 787"....what is it with the media today.  Do we really need to dumb down the viewing public so much with what has probably caused any number of travellers who've got holidays booked with airlines that have the 787 that'll now be rolled back out again and into service?  

I was astonished.  No, they don't know what the cause of the problem is but they have introduced multiple preventative process layers around it happening again, so if it does, they have a workaround.  People happily will go out in their cars, tank down the motorway at 100mph with fatal crashes hardly an unusual occurrence on our roads yet do we cut back on our driving?  What's the safer?  

Vastly annoyed with the Beeb.  Please could we go back to presenters who could engage their brain before opening their mouths?!  

Delighted the 787 is flying again though; amazing aircraft!

(sorry folks, rant over!)

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I agree totally, I'm sure you are familiar with my view of the press.

I don't think they're paid to make smart comments, but they think they are ... there's the problem.

It's anything for an opposing view, contentious conclusion and alarmist statement. Silly people in my opinion.


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