Well after saying i wasn't booking another holiday for a long time as I hate the build up and make myself feel sick, but yet again I have booked to go to Lanzarote in May I am as usual really excited and bought a few bits already, but I know the nearer it gets I will start getting that awful feeling about flying , but I am no where near as bad as I used to be.  When I went with friends last July they could not believe I was the same person as I was a lot calmer, and that was thanks to this forum.....

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I'm glad we're helping!


That's brilliant. The easiest thing in the world to do is to never fly again. So well done. Never give up I say. Keep chipping away at that fear.

Just also you say..."I know the nearer it gets I will start getting that awful feeling...". You're setting yourself up to feel awful. Change that thinking now! For months and months before my last holiday abroad I kept visualising myself feeling calm etc about the impending flight. I kept saying in my head how much I loved flying and how safe it was and all the other positive words..even if I didn't always believe it/or feel confident. Every time I started to feel worried/awful for a second, I would quickly start saying positive stuff over again - until I felt like I was believing it! I found I was the calmest and less fearful I have ever been on that flight. Even to the point of feeling like the fear had gone. Don't set yourself up for a fall before you have even got anywhere near to May.

Oh I love Playa Blanca in Lanzarote. The first holiday my Husband and I had together before we were married. Have a fabulous time!!!

Hi Sharon.

This forum is great, I too have become a really different person when I fly. I find the cd's are a great help. For the 2 weeks before I my flight, I listen to them on my MP3 Just to refresh my memory about everything.

great that's what we like to hear ... 

I'm so pleased they are useful to you. Jasper, the narrator had a fear of flying for 34 years!


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