Hello All,

Its a celebration time for myself as I have just made my 30th Flight! Something that 8 years ago I just simply couldn't have dreamed that could happen.

When I first stumbled across this site and booked myself on to one of Keiths courses I had flown twice in my life, now less than a decade later I have flown a staggering 28 times and all for pleasure, every flight one I've booked myself because I wanted to, no one forcing me or not having to fly as part of my job.

The pre-flight tension is now non existent. Years ago the week leading up to the flight I would be a nightmare, not talking to people, snapping at everything. Now it just doesnt exist. The first time I really think about going on a plane is once I'm in the departure lounge and you have that hour or so of just sitting around not doing much.

This time I flew to Portugal with some friends. Friends I have known for over 20 years but never once been away on holiday with them due to my previous fears. 

We flew with Monarch from Birmingham Airport to Faro, as ever there was nothing to report on either flight.  Slight delays, nothing to really discuss. Smooth take offs and landings, luke warm coffee.

Throughout the flight I never once got past a 2 out of 10 on the anxiety scale, 8 years ago I was a 9 out of 10 sitting in a meeting room discussing flying with a room full of people.

My friends often ask me what's changed, how have I overcome the fear that left me grounded for 20 years. I always say EDUCATION. Understanding why and how things work and taking SMALL STEPS to put my new found knowledge into place.

I'm off to research my next flight now! Thinking of going to Croatia if anyone has been there before? People tell me its a bit like Italy without the price tag! 

As always, thanks to everyone who has made my journey to date a success. 

CHEERS everyone! 


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I am so glad to read your story - it gives hope, and tells me, that it actually is possible to overcome the fear:)
I really hope it gives people confidence to believe in this site and the tools Cpt Keith gives you to conquer your fear. I feel so happy in life at the moment knowing I have faced my fear and im beating it. My phobias had taken over my life, I wouldn't use lifts and underground trains. If I had to go to visit clients id be restless the night before in case id have to go in a lift. All these fears have gone now and im in a much better place for it. Hopefully you will be too in the future
What an achievement Jim. Well done you. I'm in the same situation as you now and it feels so good. Hard work mentally/physically and a lot of tears, sweat, determination and angst etc over the years to get to where I am today. But worth it. Glad you've done it too.

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