Hello Everyone!

I flew from Charleston, SC to Atlanta to St. Kitts - and back again - using the info on this site. Repeating "turbulence is uncomfortable but that's not the same thing as dangerous" was extremely helpful to me. Thanks to the site and other discussion threads, I was also able to talk myself out of gripping the arm rests and just let the pilot do the flying! The things that I was most afraid of - landing and taking off from St. Kitts - were a bit anxious for me still, but nothing compared to the panic attacks I'm used to. These were my first flights in many years, and they never would have happened without this site.

I still have a long way to go with my phobia, but I will keep working. Thanks so much to Captain Keith and my fellow fearful flyers for the help.


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It's great to be able to help.

sorry that I haven't been able to reply until now


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