Lets get this forum back rolling...

Hi Keith, remember me?...I was there back in the day when the site first started with about 30 regulars lol... great that the forum has been reinstated..

Self help is one of the best forms of help, learning to overcome your own fears as well as managing/understanding the mechanics of fear along with watching the great watching videos, clips, reading books and the many courses available on here. Its certainly better than sinking far to many large ones in the airport bar...dont do it!!..one, they might not let you on the plane (great for the ones who really dont want to fly!!...but what a waste of money and a let down to others in your group!) and two, Ive done it, and believe me the fear factor is increased a hundred fold the first time the plane 'wobbles' a little...because you will be aware that you dont have control over yourself.

After 8 years of making lame excuses about not wanting to fly I finally gave in and decided to join my wife on our 25th wedding anniversary and fly to New York later this year (it was a case of 'you either come with me or I'll go on my own' from the Mrs...I didnt fancy 5 days of solitary confinement at home eating takeaways and talking to the cat (who hates me!)...so I decided to 'tag along for the ride'

Yes, the thought of it has made me a little miserable and anxious but I'm going...I have obsessively started to watch youtube clips of take offs, landings, turbulence, (or rather lack of it!) everything..the more I confront it the less of an issue it becomes as far as I'm concerned

The crazy thing is, I know that I will enjoy the flight, the whole experience, especially the food on the plane (yeh I know, I know!) I love being at the airport, the take off, the landing (the bit in between is a bit boring though isnt it) I just hate the build up..but knowing that everything will be just fine (and it will be) helps to counteract that


Make yourself busy on the day, manage the passports, the tickets, what you are doing at the airport etcIgnore peoples stories of 'someone they know' whos flight was terribleExpect to be a little frightened, it will come as less of a shock when you get a little edgy Talk to people, you are not 'stupid' because you have a fear...everyone has fears, everyone has limits...everyone!Laugh at yourself and your 'fear'...it might help dismiss itListen for the strange noises, the undercarriage raising/lowering, the first time I heard them I thought the plane was falling to bits!!...now I listen out for them, I want to hear themExpect that 'dipping feeling' just after take off...yes its odd, but normal..when it happens think 'yee haa, there it is' to yourselfTrust the pilots, they are very very goodWatch the cabin crewAnd take what this site has to offer in the way of dvd's, books, courses etc...

Help yourself to help yourself

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Well done!

Welcome again. I endorse everything you've said.

We don't do tree hugging and enforced bonding ... we encourage people to do the things that work without spin and hype. Just straight honest talking along with a whole load of understanding and support.

I say it as it is, because that's what flying is about to me. There's a checklist for this, and there's a checklist  for that, and a checklist for  the unexpected and every one is based on observable facts. For over 50 years those procedures have kept me safe so I'm an evidence based helper.

I don't want, neither is it necessary to dig into your past and the liaisons and bondings you made at an impressionable age. For a very small number of people that may be the way but not for most. 

Neither, as you know do I think a certificate signed by Sir Richard Branson is anything to do with overcoming your fear. The fact is that YOU have to face YOUR fear. I'll help you every inch of the way, I'll help you at 3 in the morning if you're stuck somewhere and need someone to talk to. I'm here to help you now and at any other time.

BUT I will never tell you something that will only make you feel good. What I say is designed to help you as quickly and as permanently as possible.

Let's get this forum going again! I'm sorry, it was a bad misjudgement on my part to wind it down.

Bets wishes 

Captain Keith


It is a wonderful forum! Glad to hear from those old and new!!

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