So... I joined the new online site. It looks really good. I can't wait to see a few familiar names. Don't forget to add your upcoming flights to the flight board. That's a good feature!

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Hi Amanda

Glad you're liking the site... I hope  some more people come over ...  there's a lot to discover on the site.

I hope to chat to you there when everything is sorted out here.


i'm connected..i really like it...actually enjoying going over some of the stuff again......cant seem to make it register my progress yet but maybe i've not done enough...and cant find the forum (unless nobody is chatting yet)


The forum is under Build support Join our network   and I think there's a linking problem at the mo so the developers are on it either now or very shortly

Progress will show when you select the Did this help button at the top of the panel that shows the subjects within that bubble.

Here's a link to help

it's a very large site with masses of stuff, it'll take several hours to even discover let alone use the features.

the user guide should help!!

Let me know of any probs.


awesome...Thanks Keith great work

hello guys, sorry to come into the old forum.....i see a lot of members on the new site and am trying to access the forum through the join our takes me to a 'home page' of mine that says welcome to the premium social network but if i click to latest activity (discussions) its an empty page.

are there simply no discussions? cause i cant find a topics or sections page (like here...'ask the captain'...or 'countdown to my flight etc'

We've got the techies working on this glitch.

Keith are much farther on than me! I cannot even find the join our network !

Did you see my message to you, on the new site?

Hi Amanda...if you are stockport1965 i saw your message...otherwise i didnt i'm afraid .

if you click build support right at the top of the page you'll see 'join our network' in a cloud in the middle.

hope this helps....see you there once the techies have sorted it :-)

Yep that is me.

Thanks for that!

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