have booked my flight-flying a week on Friday! Wish me luck, Bev

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Here's wishing you a great trip. We don't do luck 'cos you don't need it anymore than any other time in life. Let us know when you arrive back home....or when you're there.

Thanks Keith! I'm feeling very positive at the moment and keep popping in here to read all your very helpful tips.I'll let you know how it goes, Bev

Ring me if you need to 01420588628 anytime anyplace. You can transfer the charge from as far as Lands End!

Thanks Keith-that's very kind of you.We leave a week on Friday, March 6th and I have gone through all the threads here and watched some of your excellent video clips with advice.I will keep being positive and am keeping focussed on seeing some lovely Florida sunshine and relaxing with my son-he really wants me to go and to enjoy it! Bev
Hi Bev

Like Keith said you don't need luck just positivity..........and maybe us lol....

Well done for making the decision to actually book your flight, I am sooo proud of you :)

Did you ever buy 'the book' if not Bev I honestly recommend it, it is very easy reading but explains so much, when I was reading it I found myself saying "oh right I didnt know that, that explains it" and one bad moment on the last flight into Brisbane (only about 5 minutes) I found myself reciting what I had read about noises, movements etc and it really helped to get me through because hubby was fast asleep, it will be the best couple of pounds you ever spend.

If you need to ring Keith from the airport please do (I know you wont mind me saying that Keith :) when I was in a state, he was the only one I wanted to speak to, reassurance I suppose and he sounded so calm, at least if you ring him from Florida it wont be in the middle of the night like I did lol.

Did you try those visualisation excercies I mentioned?

I so envy you getting away to the sun for a while.........I fancy Nashville, home of country music.....well maybe sometime :).

Stay strong & positive Bev, just remember it's only the 'anticipatory anxiety' you have to get through, the rest is a doddle compared to that, right?

Phoebe x
Maybe we should organise a Logbook 24/7 world tour, for ex-anxious flyers?
Nashville, Orlando, Hawii and Australia

Hehe.....If your paying put my name down lol.............

But seriously maybe it would be possible to have a world map on the site to mark where anxious flyers have managed to fly to, to see just how much of the world we HAVE covered?? Just a thought :)

Phoebe x
Hi-that sounds like a great idea Keith! I have flown all over Europe over the last 20 odd years and the furthest I've been is Orlando but a world map would be fab.
I live in the N East by the way Keith so it's going to be impossible for me to get down for your next course.However, we are moving back to the S East in the summer and I will definatley come and see you and attend one of your courses. It's one thing grinning and bearing the flights but my ultimate goal is to be really stress free and looking forward to the flying like my husband and son.
So far so good.I have my up times and my down times but I'm going to keep going! Thanks for your comments Keith and Phoebe
Oh....you going to desert me up here...........not something I said I hope lol......

How are you doing today? Still keeping positive I hope and not thinking too far ahead, just remember

Just for today.........DO NOT WORRY......:)

Phoebe x
Hi Phoebe-no it was nothing you said! Just missing Brighton SO much! had a wobbly start to the day but have kept busy and continued to drink the camomile tea.I have cut coffee out altogether for the next two weeks as I think it makes my heart race and it's quite fast enough already!
Just concentrating now on a week on Friday when I will be safely on my way. I'm going to take my camera as hand luggage this time and get some pics for here on the plane. We won't have the internet straight away though but will keep in touch. How are you Phoebe? Bev x
Hi Bev

I think thats the trick concentrate or everything else EXEPT the flight itself...ie the being there.

Going to book the hotel for a coupe of nights stopover in Singapore so this time I'm trying to think more in terms of each flight instead of OMG 23 hours flying...........! we are treating it all as part of the holiday :)

Dont forget your breathing, when you feel anxious it dosent feel as though its going to work but if you stay with it, it does.

Phoebe x
Hi Phoebe-a stop over in Singapore sounds fab! You are a seasoned flyer now!
I've had a much better day today.Had a few messages from friends in America who are being very supportive so will be great to think about meeting up with them again.
I have made a list of holiday essentials and been shopping for them.Continuing to do the tapping (EFT) which seems to be bringing my anxiety down a lot. Will keep you posted! Bev

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