have booked my flight-flying a week on Friday! Wish me luck, Bev

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Hi Bev

That's great.....

I have a wobbly start every day.I'm not a morning person LOL

Keep it up :)

Phoebe x
Reporting in for Sunday! Have had a much more positive day today.Husband got me out for a long walk and has been much more supportive.Will be back tomorrow with update! Bevx
very jittery this morning but trying to keep busy! Still drinking my camomile tea and doing the 'tapping' so will keep you posted. Bev x
Hi Bev

Well done so far. Is there any thing I can do or say to help?

Hi Keith-it really helps even knowing that you are supporting me! I log in here at least twice a day just to confirm my belief that so many people are also frightened like me but they go through and fly safely. I've actually now got a flexi ticket (which my husband oragnised for me) so that I really don't have to make a decision until several hours before the flight so that's taken some of the pressure off.
I'm just trying it take one day at a time and now that my family are being supportive their view has changed from not being understanding to saying that I can go if I want to and if not it really doesn't matter! Thanks again, Bev
Hi Bev

Sorry I havnt been around the past couple of days been down with yet another ear infection, really bad one this time gonna have to get the doctor to get it sorted :(

It's natural that you are feeling very up and down just now, remember these are going to be your worst days but remember to accept and understand exactly what it is...anticipatory anxiety...

Really try and concentrate on just thinking about the next thing, then the next so you don't overwhelm yourself.

Your nearly there girl....you are stronger than you think, believe me, I know so keep telling yourself that and just for today DO NOT WORRY..............

We are all willing you on Bev, you CAN do this :)

What time is your flight and who are you going with?

Wish I was coming with you, I could do with a bit of sun right now lol....

If you need a texty friend when you are at the airport my bumber is 07825 332502, I'll be here :)

Phoebe xx
thank you so much Phoebe! I have kept the text message which you sent to me when you landed in Australia last year for inspiration.
The flight is with Virgin from Manchester and leaves on Friday at around 1.30pm.
I have been watching the EFT videos on Youtube and been practising the tapping technique and, so far, that has been helping.
You're right though-it's the build up to the flight and the thought that I might get to America and want to come home! I'm doing my best though and will keep posting here, bev xx
PS-wish you were coming too Phoebe!
Hi Bev

I'm not sure if we would be very good for each other at the airport lol...

I know I cant say anything to make the anticipatary anxiety any easier but as I said keep telling yourself that is EXACTLY what it is...........

If you do start to feel uncomfortable when you are at the airport, please either ring Keith or text me, I cant explain how terrible I felt at the airport and all I could think was I have to ring Keith, I have to ring Keith and I did, he was great very calm and reassuring and I just said if I cant step on the plane then I cant and theres nothing I can do about it, but I've come this far so I have to give it my best shot.......and I did, the rest is history as they say, so that is all anyone including you can expect of yourself just give it your best shot :)

Just keep popping in I'll be here (scabby ear and all lol) Stay strong & stay positive, your nearly there....

Phoebe xx
Hi Blitt,
hope you are all packed and get some quality sleep tonight before your adventure tomorrow.
Will be thinking about you tomorrow and sending positive thoughts .
Perhaps you would reciprocate and send positive thoughts to me for next Thursday. As I write at 4.30 p.m have to pinch myself as in exactly a week's time will be landing in Abu Dhabi.
All the best and have a great time in Orlando.
Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your message.Have been very jittery today and nothing has settled me down but I will see how I am in the morning.Bev x
Hi Bev

Been wondering where you were :)

It's natural to feel the way you do at the moment....please try and go with it....understand what it is...and go for it..........you will be so proud of yourself when you have got on that plane and be wondering why you put yourself through it, I know I did...!!!

I'll have my phone with me all day.........you have my number :)

Stay positive and keep focused

Phoebe xx

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