have booked my flight-flying a week on Friday! Wish me luck, Bev

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just wanted to let you know I have cancelled my flight.I didn't want you all to worry but I feel so bad that I have let my family down again. It's an awful feeling but I was terrified that I would get there and want to come straight home again, Bev
Hi Bev

It's no good beating yourself up about it, it's done.

What you need to do now is try getting to the bottom of why you felt the way you did, perhaps it's because you are in the process of moving back home and all the stress related to that?

There's no easy answers but dont be hard on yourself, it wont help.

Phoebe x
Hi Bev

so what you do is pick yourself up dust yourself down and start again. The question is do you want to overcome this fear or is this the point where you say...that's it, all over no more flying ever. I you think there's a glimmer of hope that you'll fly one day then we start now to rebuild everything.
As you know you need a strategy, you need to know what your plan is. What do you want to achieve?

Interesting point that you say that you were terrified that you'd want to come home again if you got there. So was it getting there in a plane that causes you anxiety or being away from home?

I wonder if you'd be up for going through it on line. Don't answer yet. Have rest from your worries and let me know when you're ready to go for it.

Hi Bev

I got that feeling the last time because you decided to come home early, I remember asking you if it was more a fear of being away from home..........I used to be like that, it was a real fear for me.

I believe its the 'feeling safe' thing when we are at home our 'comfort blanket' if you like.

Mine was more a "what if I get ill, what will I do" then of course I began to think well if I did people wouldnt just leave me to 'get on with it' would they.There are doctors, hospitals etc all over the world, so I started working on it by changing the way I thought and in time I started to feel more comfortable about being away from home. It must have worked because I went half way round the world...........so if that is the cause there is still hope, but as Keith said give yourself a few days and pop back when you are ready.

Phoebe x
thanks Keith and Phoebe-I think there is something maybe about being away from home.The weird thing is that I flew to gatwick and back in december but I was ok.If it's short haul I know that I can do the return trip by rail or road whereas in America I can't!
I feel really wrung out today so I'm going to try and calm down and have a very easy weekend.Will keep in touch, Bev

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