have booked my flight-flying a week on Friday! Wish me luck, Bev

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Hi Bev

You sound sooooo much more positive this time, that's great and if EFT is working for you stick with it, different things work for different people.

I keep thinking I should book a holiday for maybe mid year because if I leave it until December it will be 14 months in between flights.................but I keep shoving it to the back of my mind !!!

So when are we going to see the face behind the name...you cant be any uglier than me.....LOL

Phoebe x
Hi Phoebe-will try and add a photo.I have one from 2 years ago on a Virgin jet to Orlando!
yeay-it worked! This was taken by my husband on a trip to Orlando on a Virgin jet.See how realxed I look once I actually board the plane! bev

See, I knew you couldnt be as ugly as me lol

It's nice to see who your talking to though.............Nice piccy.........

Phoebe x
Not long till your flight Bev! Go for it. You can do this and yeah look how relaxed you are in that pic. It's the build up isn't it half the time, but if you can get past that and then on it, you can do anything!!
I agree with Fay.....110%, my build up was horendous right up to the point that I stepped onto that first plane, the rest was a doddle compared to that.....apart from the jetlag lol :)

Phoebe x
Hi Bev,
Wish I was flying on the Virgin flight where your picture was taken, guess it was not economy at the back as I am flying in 2 weeks.
Keep practising the EFT and relaxing . I have started relaxing to my C D every day now and will continue up to my flight and during my time abroad.
Know a 70 year old man who had Never flown because of claustrophobia and by having professional EFT sessions he achieved his dream of flying to Canada to see his brother and then to Taiwan to see his son. Everyone is different and we must all find things that work for us whether it is using bachs rescue, tapping,hypnosis breathing properly or a combination of things and of course Knowledge and support from this site.
Elizabeth. x
Hello everyone-have had a couple of major bad days having been very upbeat beforehand.Have no idea why this was but I think I tried the tapping and was thinking that it didn't help and that set me off on the panic spiral! Poor husband getting quite fed up with it now as he wants to look forward to the holiday but I'm doing my best.Will update as the days go on, Bev
Hi Bev

I think it's just the events of the past couple of days that's making us all a bit edgey, I have had a couple of really bad days myself and my flight isn't until December..........so don't read too much into it.

You know this is normal, you know it's just the stupid gremlins trying to make you doubt yourself, you know it's just the anticipatory anxiety, and knowing all this just go with it. You only have a few more days to go and all of the nasty feleings will go away and you will be having a fab holiday....so try and look past this to that :)

We are still here willing you on, keep doing your slow deep breathing, visualisation and EFT and make sure you do them with POSTIVE thoughts in your mind.

Phoebe x
thanks Fay, Elizabeth and Phoebe for your support.I'll keep smiling and let you know how I'm getting on, Bev x

That's the ticket.......remember

Just for today..........DO NOT WORRY :) Think I need to apply that to myself as well...LOL

Phoebe x
just wizzing by to say all is well here.Had a dodgy start this a/m but have been better as the day has worn on. Hope everyone is ok, will report back tomorrow, Bev

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