The butterflies have started...... Although having had hypnosis things are a little easier. I don't feel the need for tranquilisers now! ;)

The volcanic ash has now added to my overactive imagination, and can now visualise engine failure and panic!

Its only a 2 hour flight to ibiza..... help me get a grip!


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Well done you ! Don't see it as having to pluck up've done that bit on these flights. Going to Australia is the next part of the strategy. WELL DONE !


Hi Kate,

Well done - thats a great achievement. You'll be booking your flight to Australia in no time. Best wishes. Frank Edwards 

Kate said:

Hello all,

I'm back safe and slightly more confident!

I felt physically sick on the way to the airport and couldn't stomach any food. Although once on the flight after take off, I relaxed again!

On the way home I wasn't as bad on the way to the airport but seemed a little worse on the flight home! (strange)

We sat near to the front on the way out to ibiza and sat near the back on the way home . . . . . . . not that it makes a difference on safety but I felt a lot more comfortable nearer the front away from the noises of the engines!

Phil, your advise really helped me. I used your way of thinking quite alot - just concentrating on what I was doing step by step. When turbulance occured, I just looked out of the window telling myself it is perfectly safe and nothing to worry about. I remembered a comment on someone's post about looking at a drink and the actual amount of movement is not very much.

So all in all - My thinking was a lot more logical! 

Approx 1 hour into the flight and I actually felt like I could have a snooze (if I didn't have 2 children to entertain)! - I was so exhausted from all the worry!

So..........the next challenged is to pluck up the courage to book a flight to Australia to see my closest friend!! :-)

Thank you all again for all your support!

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