Hi all,

I have managed my fear of flying for the last 2 years. I have been in planes a lot but always in European flights. I need to go to the US in a couple of months and I am starting to feel anxious about it. I am also anxious about the company I choose to flight with. The best prices are with Delta airlines, but I have never used this company and I would like to minimize the amount of things that will make me feel worried about the flight. Could someone tell me if they had a good experience with them?

Thanks a lot!


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I'm sure Delta are ok safetywise, but I don't know why you want to fly the cheapest? I do a reasonable amount of European flights, and always fly British Airways. It normally costs me a little more, but knowing I was (and occasionally now am) worried about flying, it makes sense.

I think comfort makes a difference to the fear, and BA flight attendants are generally more interested in you than the attendants on low-cost flights (I know this is a generalisation, but is the case in my experience). Plus knowing I can have a few drinks (and maybe an extra one if I ask) for free makes me feel better.

My advice - spend a bit more to have more chance to enjoy the ride!

Thanks for you answers!! I feel better now!

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