Hi there, I am not scared of the usual things when it comes to flying. I am scared of the dizziness that sweeps over me when the plane takes off and lands. It is really bad and really frightening as well as disabling. It starts as soon as the plane lifts from the runway. So you can imagine how I feel when the plane goes speeding down the runway and I know I cant get off or avoid what is coming!! I feel rough too when the plane starts its descent. So I am better suited to long flights were there is quite a gap between landing and take off. Have you heard of this before? And if you have, have you any ideas as to what I can do to stop feeling like this in the plane when it takes off and lands. I have noticed it is the same in some lifts if they are moving fast enough.

Also, when I flew into Toronto a lot of years ago, the plane I was on, a Wardair 747, came in to the runway from about 30,000ft, all in one go, at a very steep angle!!! It was one of the worst moments of my life and I wondered if we were actually crash landing!! There was no gradual descent or nothing. My head felt like it was going to explode. Have you any ideas as to why a plane should make such a steep and fast descent like that? I have asked around over the years but have never managed to find out why.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Hi Shirley,

I know this is an old message so don't know if you will get my reply but I am new here and I get the exact same thing! It is I think a form of vertigo to do with the changing pressure. I am so sensitive that I know when a plane is starting its descent and will say to my husband 'we are starting to come into land'. I get the same sensation when it banks too or in turbulence. It is s if as well as being dizzy my body goes sort of weightless and - this is going to sound weird - as if it is coming up through my head.

I haven't flown for years because I was always a very nervous flyer and then five years ago lost my father and my job and ended up having nervous exhaustion and severe panic attacks. Because of the panic attacks and my lifelong phobia of flying I have just not dared to get on a plane. I am hoping this site can change that!

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