Hi everyone,

Well, I'm flying out to Stockholm from London on Friday at the crack of dawn, and up until today (a record for me!) I've really been doing well. But today it's suddenly hit me and I've started the same old rubbish - crying, getting angry about going on holiday, feeling unwell and so on. I'm doubly annoyed because I really thought I might have made a step forward - my last flights, to Iceland last September, were very positive but as usual, I've forgotten all that and am back to square one. I'm starting to think it will always be like this, it's so frustrating! I've been through this so many times, and it's always the build up that's the worst - once the plane is up, I'm generally OK if a bit tense, but somehow it doesn't matter how many times I remind myself I'll be OK, I'm still terrified! I just don't know how to break out of this stupid pattern!! Does anyone else get like this?

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Yes lots of people get like that Sue...it's part of it.

Don't be annoyed because you don't actually know how you're going to be tomorrow...you can only guess. And you'll probably guess wrongly. You did make progress last time and this little set back is progress as well. Surely you didn't expect the anxiety to disappear altogether did you? It won't always be like this unless you let it be so. Get that resolve going again, stick to positive thoughts and go for it.

As you say yourself you've been doing well...a record for you...well next time will be a bit better then the time after that better still...take your time and you'll win. Rush and you'll go back to the beginning. Today is your new benchmark be satisfied with that. That's progress...see it as such and don't be hard on your self. That's an order from the captain of the ship!

The way tho break out of this pattern, not stupid pattern, is to accept that you're going to feel like this, you don't have to feel great at this stage, it's tomorrows flight that counts. Stay in the present, don't think of tomorrow yet. Tomorrow morning just think of getting up. When you're up think of getting in the car, when you're in the car think of the journey. Don't go thinking ahead because your mind will take you to places that you don't need to be.

Be confident that tomorrow will be manageable. Now forget tomorrow.


Ring me if you want to.

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