Dear Captain Keith

You have a unique network here with many user contributed posts. They were not made for a commercial site. They were made for an open community.

So what happens next? All this help and information gets deleted? Or all the posts made in good faith are only available to paid members?

Their is no reason to remove the free and open network. Why? It can run alongside the paid section (for example, have topics about the courses that only course participants or paid members can access).

When setting up a community forum you accept that many members post to help others based on the very reason that it is free and open. It is the community owners responsibility to keep it so or if they can not, to pass it on to others who can.


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Hi Mike

I understand your point of view. But it costs me money to run the site and I have been unable to persuade more than a handful of people to subscribe or make a donation. There has to be a limit to what a community  can expect of its creator.

I have given tireless support to hundreds of people here ... much is not visible on the site here. I take telephone calls at any time of the day or night and chat on the chat room. Quite often people fix their fear and I never hear from them again. That is what I want ... I want their fear to be a thing of the past and for them to disconnect from their past. Many many people share their tips and give support to others and I respect their contribution.

I monitor as many posts as I can and re-direct thoughts and opinions into versions that are correct and helpful.

I did not envisage this site as being self sufficient and not requiring constant attention from me, otherwise it could end up as a source of 'opinion ' rather than fact, and to fearful flyers it is vital that everything they read is correct and helpful. Sure I could just look on, but that was not the intention ... the intention is to help.

If it were free there would be little reason to close it but it's not free ... except to the contributors ... does starting a community commit me to any amount or indeed any expense that comes along?

I can not hand over to anyone else because much of my reputation is here, and if it were to lose the reputation and quality that it obviously has, my reputation would suffer too. 

I am not trying to monetise the content here by selling  membership because members did not sign up to giving me free content to sell on.

I know that many people will miss the community as I will but I have made a very generous offer to current members, to join the Premium program ( normally $115 down to $15 )  for the price of two cups of coffee ... if that's not a sufficient inducement then I don't know what else I can do.  

I am grateful for your opinion 

Captain Keith


Hi Keith.....maybe i'm missing something but can you post a link to the offer please?

Hi Andy

This link should take you to the newsletter


Keith emailed us a couple of days ago. You had to reply to his email andy.

I would like to add, that I fully understand Keith, it's a tenner. I'm not necessarily coming over for support but "to support".

Thanks Amanda

But you'll find the site/course very useful because you'll have access to everything on it.

It'll take you quite a while to use all the features  and WHEN airlines are internet equipped you'll have your own on board course.

You'll be able to make your own app via the personal library to access the stuff that's important to you.

Thank you very much for your sentiment about coming over to support.


Hi Guys, sorry i must have missed the email or it went into my filter...sorry about that.

I'm emailing you now Keith as i would definitely like to take up that offer.

Thanks very much 

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