Cpt Keith is running another course on the 18th September - if you are thinking of going on it, please don't just think about it, DO IT.  Honestly, you will really enjoy it and what's more you will learn so much about flying.  You couldn't get a better 'teacher' than Cpt Keith. 


I had flown all over the world but suddenly developed a fear of flying.  I knew I had to do something about overcoming my fear, not just for myself but for my partner too.  I knew that if I didn't fly, he wouldn't be able to fly either.  He hated to see me getting myself in a state.


Well the good news is, the course worked.  We took a short flight to Dublin and I can honestly say, I actually looked forward to the flight and I enjoyed flying for the first time ever!  You know why, because Cpt Keith had explained in plain simple terms how a plane flies and how it stays up.  Its all 'fear of the unknown' but once you know, its amazing how much it helps.  


I stood in the queue waiting to board and I couldn't believe how calm I felt.  I just looked at the other passengers and thought "I bet I know more about flying now than you all do"!  I felt so much more confident.  I watched what the engineers on the ground were doing, the pilot, the cabin crew etc etc and I could understand what was going on, all because of the course.


As we were taking off, I was telling my partner what the plane was doing, what speed it was going at and what height we would be climbing to first.  I'm sure the people sitting around me thought I was an 'expert'!!! I knew all about the safety features, the numerous 'backups', the Aviation rules, etc etc

so for me, the course allayed all of my fears which had been building up for some considerable period of time.


So please don't hesitate, book yourself on the course and you can then 'enjoy' flying. 


Julie Wells





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yes i agree,dont even hesitate,just do it.its the best gift i have given myself.

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