HI everyone,
I had just booked our adventure holiday to Cuba 2 days before the Air france incident. I will admit that disaster caused me to "wobble" about the prospect of flying nearly 10 hours over the Atlantic and after Abu Dhabi will be my longest ever flight. However, I am pretty excited about flying in a 747. We will also fly an internal trip Havana to Santiago which again should be an experience. We take off early November so there is still plenty of time to practice relaxation and put in to practise all the advice offered in Keith's book and by everyone on this site.
If anyone has any other tips about flying long haul do please share them.

On my flight to Abu Dhabi I spent most of the time watching the clouds and land formations from 36,000ft,and tracking the progress of the 'plane.However, watching the clouds and sea has not the same attraction for 10 hours.Hope there are some good films on offer.!
I look forward to your support,
best wishes, Elizabeth.

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Hi Elizabeth,

OO-weeeeee!!! thats you, then me, then Phoebe all off on long hauls pretty much around the same time (me and Phoebe are off beginning of Dec)

I know what you mean about 'wobbling' I had similar thoughts myself (caused a major row between me and hubby but thats another story ;-) LOL) I have been putting off booking our flights, but yesterday I bit the bullet and got them done (have started a new post - US in December) and we're also doing our trans atlantics on 747's with BA

At the moment I'm so wrapped up in organising hotels for either side of our cruise that I've pushed the flying to the back of my mind but I'm sure there's a gremlin or two lurking there ready to take advantage of me sooner or later LOL

So, adventure holiday eh? Please tell us more and what places you will be visiting. Sounds really exciting!

Sure we'll support each other if we get any low moments.

luv n hugs
June x
Finalised payment of the balance for this trip today!!!!!!!
In 8 weeks will be in the Vinales Valley walking for 3 days followed by internal flight Havana to Santiago(Aero carribean),then journey the length of Cuba over the next week back to Havana. We stay in Trinidad and other places en route exploring towns a, rural life and walking. Hope to sample mojitos and rum and see tobacco being made into cigars
Currently brushing up on Spanish , especially numbers to work out the currency.
How are your plans coming along June?
Cheers, Elizabeth.
That sounds like the holiday of a lifetime - wow! I'm sure your flight will go really well. Good luck preparing and relaxing for it.
Re. long haul flights, not done any for ages, but make sure you get up and move around a bit. By the way, I also really recommend yoga (probably not actually during your flight! I mean beforehand) for general relaxation.
Elizabeth I'm also off to Cuba on the 6th November! Where are you flying from?

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