Fear of Flying Course: If we can't get you flying no-one can


"I thoroughly recommend Keith's course to anyone who is even slightly apprehensive of flying as I was. Having been on a plane involved in an 'incident', I found myself avoiding flying. Keith's fear of flying course was terrific. It was not only informative and educational but great fun. I can't recommend him highly enough!" V. P.

The very first thing to say is that a fear of flying course DOES NOT have to include a flight for you to overcome your fear. The way to overcome your fear is by preparation not by getting on a plane under very controlled and contrived circumstances. It's a great selling point but it's a waste of money. Preparation is everything.

What are the benefits of this coursefor you?

You'll be able to visit friends.
Take the promotion you've been offered.
Travel to all the wonderful places you've always wanted to see.
And find new confidence in yourself.
Be free to travel wherever you want to go.

If you've got a fear of flying, and you no doubt have if you're reading this, you've probably thought about attending one of the many fear of flying courses that are available. On first sight the ideal choice would seem to be the ones that offer you a graduation flight as part of the course. This isn't necessarily the best option. Getting on a flight that is unrepresentative of the sort of flight you'll eventually take, doesn't get you prepared to fly on your own. What it does demonstrate is that under controlled conditons you can get on a single flight. Most people take two flights...one there...and one back, so it doesn't deal with the anxieties that arise while a fearful flyer is on holiday or away on business.


Having taken a flight, most anxious flyers people find that negative thoughts start as soon as they get to their destination, they start start worrying about the flight home, and as a result spoil their holiday. What we can give you is a lasting strategy. We can give you ways to deal with any relapse that you might have.

What is needed then is a course that will help you to help yourself. Something that will provide you with the means of dealing with anything and everything that may happen on your flight. That may seem like a monumental task, but in fact it's easier than you think. Now it's possible that you might chance upon something or a bit of information that suddenly changes the way you think about flying and before you know it you're up up and away. More likely though it's going to take you a little time.


Here's the key, the more prepared you are, the more you know and the more strategies you've got available then the quicker you'll find that fact or insight that will get you flying. It's a fact that adults learn best when they 'discover for themselves' rather than being 'told'. That's the method we use. We trust you to be able to use the knowledge you find with us and adapt it to meet your needs.

How do we do this?

Quite simply by puting you first, your needs first. We don't have a strict syllabus that we drive you through. We do what you want to do and mold it into what you need to do. With a maximum of ten on each course, and three people presenting the course, we can give each person the individual attention they deserve. Despite what our rivals claim they simply don't have the resources to do that.

We can help you to overcome your fear by using the techniqes that were recommended at the World Fear of Flying Conference in Montreal.. I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak at the conference where I urged airlines and pilots to take a greater interest in the welfare of their anxious passengers.

An effective course should include the following features:

It should provide accurate and reliable information.
It should encourage group discussion.
It should provide graded exposure to the experience of flying.
It should suggest strategies.
It should be conducted in a supportive and non threatening environment.
It should be conducted by qualified professionals.

We meet and exceed all those recommendations.


What we do

First we answer every one of your questions so that there are no any nagging doubts.
Then we explain the causes and effects of fear.
We'll explain why and where you store negative thoughts...then show you how to prevent them influencing you.
We'll demonstrate relaxation, visualisations and breathing techniques.
Then we'll start the engines...and answer any questions
Then we'll taxi out and take off ...and answer any questions
In fact we'll repeat any part of the flight that you'd like to see and hear as many times as you like, until you're ready to move on.
Then well explain about weather and how a plane flies, and if you want to know about what the crew do during the flight we'll cover that, and answer your questions.
We'll explain turbulence, show you why it occurs and what the crew do to minimise it.
We'll show you what a diversion and a go around is about
...in fact we'll normalise every aspect of your flying experience, and most importantly show you how to answer your own questions about aviation.

This is the most comprehensive course you'll find anywhere in the UK if not the world, and you'll leave feeling tired, confident but ready to go flying. And you'll get Individual attention, a money back guarantee, and the chance to attend another 'top up' course free of charge before you take your flight.


What are the benefits for you?

You'll be able to visit friends.
Take the promotion you've been offered.
Travel to all the wonderful places you've always wanted to see.
And find new confidence in yourself.

Sights and sounds seminar information

I hope that if you live in the UK you'll come and join us on one of our Sights and Sounds Seminars. We use a de-commissioned BAC 1-11 fuselage and cockpit for the experience which is the perfect way to introduce people to their fear of flying program. We show videos of all stages of the flight and our audio set up will re-create the sounds (and noises) of a flight from getting on board through the engine start up take off all the way to a landing.

We'll answer all your questions, show you how to relax and breathe to overcome a panc attack. We've got explanations, pictures, slide shows and everything else you need to familiarise yourself with air travel, and to overcome your fear of flying.
See here for more details and to book the only course that will give you a lasting strategy to overcome your fear of flying.


Keith and the Team

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I Was about to email you just to thank you for your valuable contribution helping me (and my other collegues as well) tackling my fear of flights.

Currently I am in the office and I was explaing earlier to my collegues (that might have a similar problem) how good was your seminar.

It was great speaking with a ‘real’ pilot and see his point of view. The videos and the sounds were also very very helpful,

Thank you once again for all your time and hopefully I will be ready to enjoy my next flight,

Kind regards,

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