About 7 weeks before I was due to fly, I was starting to feel worried. I was having to use all my mental strength to remain positive. Anyway everyday for 7 weeks I kept saying over and over again 'I love flying. I really love flying. I can't wait to get on that plane.' Well I got on that plane, with no dramas, no shot of vodka, no nerves and no rituals. I think my brain actually started to believe that I love flying!

I was a little jittery on take off. But I feel only in line with what the majority of the population would be. Not to the extent of calling it a fear of flying anymore.

When I got off the plane, I felt no emotions. As in usually in the past I have been 'buzzing' that I have done it. I have called family to say 'I made it'. I have text close friends telling them 'I did it'. Like I accomplished climbing Mount Everest or something. This time, I felt nothing. It was like I had just got off a bus or train. It was weird. I was calm and even wasn't worried about the flight back. I was able to enjoy the holiday for the first time in years.

Beating this fear has been a work in progress for the last 12 years. It hasn't been easy at all, but I can now say that I no longer have a fear. This is coming from the girl that would not get back on the plane from holiday and had to return home via boat! This is the girl that has got to the airport and not gone ahead with the holiday and went home. This is the girl that has cancelled numerous holidays before departure date. So if I can beat it, anyone can!

I can't wait to go away again with my family. I've never done very far before obviously, but now I feel like the world has opened up and I'm going to take the boys to Florida in a few years when they can manage a long flight, as they are still very young.

So I would like to thank Keith and everyone over the years on here that has supported me and understood how it feels. It's helped me get to the place I am at today. But most of all I have patted myself on the back for never giving up and not letting the demons take over. I did it! My Husband is proud, I am proud of myself and I hope my Son's will be proud when they are old enough to understand.

So that's me over and out. I will still log on here, as I hope I can offer some support to others now and then. But in the meantime, never ever give up, be brave, face the fear and gain confidence from doing so!

Love Fay xx

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Hey you're bringing tears ....

well done Fay ... 

Fantastic story Fay, well done and facing your fear and dealing with it and having such a sucessful flight! Bev

Hi Fay,

Well, what can I say apart from CONGRATULATIONS. I'm feeling emotional reading your post, knowing some of the pain you've been through and the battle you have overcome and obviously being able to put myself in your shoes and the fact we shared the experience of flying with Keith as part of the DVD. 

Like you, I don't get that massive feeling of achievement any more, which in a funny way is a little sad! Since I last posted I've flown again, just a short flight to Jersey for our 10th wedding anniversary. After the flight for the DVD Jersey was the first place I flew to with my wife so it seemed a good destination to pick for our anniversary.

I'm flying to Portugal next week, a holiday I'm taking with a group of friends and in reality a holiday I wish I'd taken with them 20 years ago. I can't wait. Its a new challenge for me as I haven't flown with a group of people before, but its a challenge I've got no fear about.  My 28th Flight since we did the flight with Keith. How fab does that sound?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, ANYONE READING THIS WHO NEEDS HELP, CONTACT KEITH. Me and Fay are real people who don't know each other but have achieved great things with his and other members of this sites help

Keep posting! 

Jim x 

( when I say don't know each other, I mean we didn't know each other!)

Hey Jim - thanks! I feel really good. All the remaining focused and keeping positive (although upsetting and a slog at times) has paid off. I make it sound easy in this last post about how for 7 weeks I kept repeating my verse and then I was 'cured'. It wasn't just that. It is also all the years worth of work I have put into it that has made me confident, knowledgable and now fearless. Also now I am able to remember good experiences about flying, rather than the bad that I had accumulated over the years. Only thing is now I have got the bug and want to go away again ASAP, but we can't afford it as we have a garden to do and a boiler to be replaced. Typical that all those single years I had with zero responsibility and when I had loads of disposable income I never went anywhere cos of my fear and now I have children and home making plans that cost money, I can't afford to go abroad often. But Sept 2014 we plan to go again. Bring it on! :)

28 flights? Wow. That is amazing. Have a fabulous time in Portugal. You've really beat it too. Who would have thought eh Jim. But if we can do it anyone can! But you're right, I would never have done it without this site etc. I had already been on a Brittania course, which did me no good what so ever and was a waste of time. I had also seen a hypnotherapist too which didn't work. But we are prof that this support and site does work!

Speak soon and have fun. Will be thinking about you.

Fay x

Cheque in the post for you to share!


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