so on the 20th june i flew out to Cancun with family, to stay at the Riu Cancun Hotel, i've never been on any plane what so ever before this, and i'm about to board a Thomsons Dreamliner (eeek) i have made myself so exited before hand, thinking about the destination, having looked at pictures and watched videos of the destination on youtube, even going shopping for mine and the kids clothes, imagining what im gonna look good in, in the 30 degree heat! all ready and packed, just waiting for the day to come where im off to the airport, the day comes and im off to the airport in a taxi,(become nervous) now the day is finally here but trying to keep my nerves to a minimum, arrive at the airport and walking through the doors for check in (getting a bit more nervous) get through check in, up to security (lost my nerves) as getting through this part was hectic , after that we went through i got to go and see the planes (amazed on how big they are) to which i became (exited again) it came to the part when we had to go and board the plane (becoming nervous again) still trying to keep myself composed) eventually got on the plane and sat down in my seat which was close to the window, my 10 year old had the window seat, the planes doing all the preps for the take off (adding fuel) eventually the plane started to move as its being pushed back ready for the plane to drive to the run way (become really scared) now, the plane then started to make its way to he run way, (that it nerves got me) and i was so upset, tears running down my face, being in a queue with other planes, eventually it was out turn to speed down the run way, i put my head in my hands (chewing gum rapidly)  eventually we were in the air, my daughter tapped me on the shoulder and said mummy look, were in the air, (her being so exited) i looked and was amazed by the view, off to Cancun, i can now relax and get comfy and watch the inflight entertainment, eventually after 9 and half hour it was time to land, apart from my son decided to eat all the sweets at take off, being nervous, never been on a plane before himself, so as we started to descend our ears started to hurt (defiantly keep gum to chew for landing) but other than that i was fine with the landing, (woohoo) in Cancun, after a week, my partners cousin (being a pilot) came to meet us, he asked me how my first flight was, i told him besides the tears at the beginning (not knowing whats about to happen) it was an amazing flight and the little turbulence was nothing to worry about, it was like being on coach going over small speed bumps, he was saying its the safest way of transport (being so proud of myself) on the way home i enjoyed the take off as i knew what to expect, and cant wait to book Amsterdam with my best friend and Portugal  next year with my family. 

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