Hi captain Keith. (Hi everyone!) I am a nervous flyer who has successfully been on two holidays thanks to your books, website & forum! However I take my first ever long haul flight on Saturday and the nerves are kicking in. I'm terrified of crashing!! I wondered if you could just give me some words of encouragement. It helps to have that connection!! Thank you. Beckey xx

Ps I'm going to NYC...my flying fear began in 2001...

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Hi Beckey

There's no greater chance of crashing on a long haul flight than any other. You should have a plan for dividing the flight into chunks and deal with each bit at a time. For example spend the first hour reading, the second two hours watching a movie, an hour on a meal, spent some time having a snooze.

The more you plan your activities the quicker the flight will seem to be.

The most important thing to do is recognise what a fantastic adventure you're going on and  what fun it could be.

There is a lot of guidance on our premium on line course ... when the planes are equipped you'll be able to talk /chat to me in flight via the course!

Captain Keith

I'm usually better long haul as the space helps plus there's entertainment and iv even stood up for a bit chatting/observing
Hi captain Keith and Carly! I managed my flights extremely well, even watched a film and handled an hour and a half runway delay due to fog!! Every flight I take gives me that little bit more confidence. I had an amazing holiday. Makes all the hard work worth it xx



Well done Becky

sorry i've been away from the site recently.


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