Hi all! It's my first trans atlantic flight tomorrow from the UK and to say I'm frightened is an understatement!
I've had nightmares about everything from terrorism to crash landing on the water and being eaten by sharks!
Fingers crossed I'll feel better tomorrow!

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Hello Emma. I really do hope all goes well for Trans-Atlantic flight. Take something like an iPod with some relaxation apps. You should get plenty of inflight entertainment so that will keep you occupied. Very best of luck.

Go for it! Let us know all about it when you can.


Sharks only eat the first class passengers because they're full of high quality food!


im scared of air collisions mostly somebody plz help =(

How often are there any collisions compared with flights that are safe ?


There is a device on board that keeps us away from other aircraft. 


Hello Emma.   How did the flight go.   You should be there by now.  I really hope it all went well for you and that you even enjoyed it (a little bit).  Jan

Hi Emma

I just wanted to say good luck!

I understand where you are coming from as I'm going to take my first long distance trip in November and I'm starting to get worried.

I just wanted to wish you lots of luck... I'll be looking out with interest how you got on as I completely understand!
Hi guys I managed it! There was turbulence but nothing too bad thank god! Will just have to get through the journey home next week bow!
Sounds like you did ok. Well done and give yourself a pat on the back!! Treat yourself to something really nice at the airport before you come home. Wishing you the very best xxxxx

well done ... just dii the same things as you did on the way there!


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