Hi Keith

I was very fortunate at the weekend to be able to go into a Skybus 737 Simulator.  Dave had been given the 'gift' for his birthday and he was allowed to take me in with him.  I don't know who was the bravest, me or him!

Well I have to say, I found the whole experience amazing.  Dave did brilliantly well and we both felt that we had been at an advantage because we had  been on your course.  It gave us an even greater understanding of how pilots handle aircraft.  We couldn't believe how little effort was needed to control the steering column.  I had visions of Dave having to 'haul' the plane upwards.  Not at all.  Just very gentle pulling or pushing did the trick. He was able to keep the plane level, turn the plane (without tipping me out of my seat!!!) and land the plane at night. He was able to learn all this and put it all into practice all within an hour!  Now if Dave, a complete novice, can keep a plane up in the air and level, how comforting it is to know that a Pilot definitely wouldn't have any trouble.

What is even more comforting to know is that the pilots STILL have to have hours of training.  In fact whilst we were there, a pilot was training on another simulator.  So reassuring.


Kim, the Pilot, even confirmed to us what you had already told us that 'turbulence isn't dangerous' and like you told us, the plane is not going up and down like a rollercoaster, in fact it is quite level.


We were very fortunate in being able to go in a flight simulator but for those who can't, I would like to reassure them that they are in safe hands and that there is nothing to fear.


Julie Wells




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