Hello everyone


Well my third flight to Australia is coming up very fast now. The reason for going....to see my family again and meet my new grand baby who is due to make an apprearance in just over 3 weeks.


I was thinking today how, over the past few weeks I've been saying things like "I need to do my holiday lists" and "where shall we visit" etc..........goodness how far I have come since finding this site :)


Leading up to that first flight to Australia in 2008 I was a complete basket case, couldnt plan anything if I got to Oz in case I couldnt get on the plane, months of sleepless nights and panic filled days.


Of course the flights do enter my head, of course I'm still nervous, of course I get the odd wobble and dont even mention the flight time 23 hours !!! but after doing it twice now I am not 'terrified' of the airports, I'm not 'terrified' of getting on the plane, I'm not 'terrified' of the noises.  I have things in place to help me, break the flights up into segments, i.e. eat, drink, watch a movie, eat, drink read, listen to music, drink (the long haul flights seem to constantly feed you lol)


My advice to anyone in my position....above all BELIEVE in yourself, I didn't but I do now and stay POSITIVE.


I'm going to meet my new grand baby, see my 2 beautiful grand daughters, my daughter & son in law. I could NEVER have said that three years ago. I bless the day I found this site and long may it be here to help people like me. I may need to 'pop' here a few times before I go for a 'fix' but there is no doubt in my mind I AM GOING.



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Hi Phoebe-you're doing really well! Won't be long now until you are there with your family.I'm proud to report that I flew to Dublin on Monday from Manchester and flew back yesterday ( having said 'never again!')

The flight was great-no delays and very smooth and I managed to get there with a few Rescue Remedy pastilles and Keith's excellent advice and remembered how brave you have been!  Keep smiling Phoebe ,  Bev x

Hi Bev


WELL DONE to you.


I've got a mixture of nerves and excitement ATM just got the last bit of packing done today just wish I was on my way :)


Phoebe x

Thanks Phoebe-a mix of nerves and excitement is good and you'll soon be on your way and you'll feel great.You have been an inspiration to me and I was thinking of you on my flight to and from Dublin.I'm going to book a flight to Finland next as we plan to visit there this summer and I'm really looking forward to it now!

Just keep thinking of seeing your lovely grandchildren once you have arrived in Australia and take one day at a time and you have done this before and you were great!  bev x

That's great news Bev keep at it :)


I'm trying to hang in but G*D I HATE this anticipatory anxiety................


Phoebe x

I tried to keep as busy as possible Phoebe before the flight and got stuck into a good book.I read myself to sleep every night before we left! Keep concentrating on the fact that you know you have done this before and therefore you can do it again.We're all behind you remember!   Bev x

I'll leave you ladies to chat ...I can't add anything



Have a wonderful trip Phoebe!


Thinking of you Phoebe-have a fantastic time!!  Bev xx


Thanks Bev and everyone.


Just printed the boarding passes and got a few wobbles and feeling a bit shaky but just trying to focus on one flight at a time.


Phoebe x


you're doing really well Phoebe-good idea just to think of one flight at a time.We are all with you in spirit.When I flew to Dublin last Monday I imagined that you and Keith etc were all on the same flight! You've got the worst part over and done with now-all those weeks of worrying...that's all over now and you'll soon be there. Try the Rescue remedy pastilles if you see them at Boots at the airport.I got through half a tin before we boarded and my husband said he's never seen me so calm!  Bev xx

So much good news on this forum. Well done everyone!



Anticipatory fear about to turn into another wonderful trip. Keep your guard up , do all the things that help you.


Thinking of you


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