Hi all, it's so reassuring to know I'm not alone in my fear of flying, and I know you will all hopefully understand where I'm coming from!
Me and my husband have just booked flights to the U.S. in Jan, for a wonderful trip hunting meteorites...a passion of mine!
So I should be really excited right?
Except now the flights are booked, my nerves are making themselves known. We can't fly direct to Tucson, so have a flight to Dallas first, and then connecting flight to Arizona.
Instead of putting it to the back of my mind, I've done the one thing I shouldnt (and the one thing I always do even though I know it doesn't help one bit) and have started googling safety records etc of one of the airlines we are flying with. The first leg, Heathrow to Dallas is with an airline I've flown with many times and whose cabin crew I have found to be very understanding with me when I've told them I'm a nervous flyer.
However, the Airline we are flying with from Dallas to Tucson (and who we will be using for the whole return trip) is one I've never flown with before. I've never even flown on the type of aircraft we will be flying on Dallas to Tucson and on the return leg. I'm making myself sick with worry already looking at stuff on line, so much so I was in tears this afternoon. I know they wouldn't fly an aircraft if it wasn't safe, i know pilots and cabin crew have family too, I know that despite my fears, aircraft are maintained, I know my fears are irrational and me looking up stuff isn't conducive to helping me overcome my fears.
So how do I deal with this? How do I stop myself looking online at safety records, customer reviews, how many crashes they have had in the past?
I'm so excited about going to Tucson and hunting for meteorites (and with a world renowned expert too!) but I've got nearly 4 months of waiting, and I'm not sure if my nerves can handle it. Silly thing is, I know I will get on my flights. But making myself sick with worry isn't going to help.
I've got Captain Keith's fabulous book (which helped me on a flight I took earlier in the year, I've got my coping strategies for when I'm on the plane, it's just getting to that point that I need help with.
Obviously stop looking at stuff on line...but that's easier said than done.
Thanks for reading my long post, I feel better for getting it all down.

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Hi Sam

I'll post this on the Facebook page and see if we can get a chat going


Hi Sam

I attended Keith's ground course in August and if you think the book is amazing meeting him in person is something else - if you get the opportunity to do it I would recommend it.

I fly to New York on 5th November and whilst I wouldn't say I am looking forward to the flight I certainly don't fear it like I did and it's just something I have to do to get there.

I have stopped reading media reports and looking at stuff online - they only want to tell you the horror stories. Can you imagine if they did a story every time a plane landed safely - it's all you would read about and how safe would we feel.

If you like me I didn't believe anybody could have a fear as bad as me but now I see that lots of people do - just not everybody is as brave as us to tell people.


Hi Sam

We've all searched the history of airlines. I am one of Keith's successes. I haven't been on a course but bought the book and cd's. I now have them on my mp3 and listen to them during the flight. I "always" play the take off from the cockpit when we go up. It really helps.

What aircraft are you flying on? I have been on several different types and to be really honest there's not much difference in them. Smaller ones get up nice and quick. I always thought that turbulence would be worse in a smaller one, but that hasn't been my experience.

My nephew is cabin crew, he goes to work, he comes home. To him, it's like getting on a bus. You already tell the crew that you are a nervous flyer. I always used to write to them to inform them, rather than leave it until the airport. 

Arizona is a fantastic state, you will have an amazing time

Come to the UK and meet Captain Keith in person or call him. As I say to myself very often - FUCK IT AND DO IT or in more polite terms, FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY. Keith will put you right. Your fear is irrational. I realise it does not help our fears thinking this way but what helps me is breathing deeply, listening to Keith on my MP3 player and having my seatbelt fastened as tightly as possible. Also have an elastic band around your wrist and ping it every time you have a fearful thought.
Great stuff Sam,
Maria xx
Hi Sam!
I am so glad you are looking forward to your adventure! This is what you need to focus on. Do you realise how many people would love to do that but will never have the chance? You have the chance, because you can afford an air fare. I say that not out of spite - I fly a lot - I say because we must appreciate the view! :) if you're driving to the airport - Google accidents on that highway- there will be more.
At the end of the day, every time you leave the house there is a risk. Even when you're not in control - on a train, on a bus, etc... On a plane you lose all sense of perspective. Take your perspective back. Strap in tightly, get a cup of tea, read a good book. Think of the bumps as bumps in the road... Air has bumps too! Only there is nothing to crash into up there so you're much safer! Take deep breaths. Drink more tea.
You live once. Enjoy it. Please don't let this hold you back. I can promise once you're over it the world is amazing xxx
Thank you all so much for replying, I appreciate it a great deal. So, I've stopped looking online at the stuff I know will worry me. The only thing I like to look at is take off and landings at the airports I will be flying into...so I can see what to look out for from the air! Now I'm looking forward to seeing that wonderful Dallas skyline and the mountains around Tucson.
The one aircraft I'm worried about flying on is the Mcdonnell Douglas MD-80. I like to be able to see the engines firmly attached to the wings!! I will just have to deal with that..it's only a 2hour flight from Dallas to Tucson after all!
Will get an elastic band to snap on my wrist if I feel nervous..I like that idea. And I'm going to look into the ground course.
I can do this!!!

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