Thank you Keith for reintroducing the forum! Mt first flight in 5 years is coming up on Weds, so it's perfect timing. 

I'm trying very hard to re-wire my brain. I wasnt always so anxious about flying. I was perhaps a little nervous before, but it never stopped me..until 5 years ago that is, when it all got too much. 

I'm desperate for a holiday, so much so  that the need for a good long break outweighs the anxiety.

I've listened to Keith's CDs. Read the book and watched the DVD. I'm re-wiring my brain. I am listening to take off noises on youtube to get accustomed and 'normalising' the whole thing. I feel better, still anxious abit but better. Ive lost some loved ones over the last few years and know of others who are struggling. I know they would jump at the chance to fly away and have a holiday. Equally, I dont want to be faced with the struggles they face and think 'if only I was brave enough to live'. 

I'm fighting this fear! :-)

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Hi Gareth.

Well done for fighting the fear!

Where are you travelling to?

When you board, have a quiet word with the cabin crew. Just telling them will help. Hopefully if they have time, they will check on you. This is probably very silly, but in my really bad days of fearful flying, I used to get a seat where I could see the cabin crew. I just kept telling myself, it's their job, they're not worried. I shouldn't be.

If you are flying long haul, things have changed in 5 years. The IFE is available straight after the safety video. That helps.

Good luck

Thanks Amanda, 

I'm travelling to Kos, Greece. It's a 4 hour flight, with no IFE lol.

 I intend to let them know this time around. I also intend to look out the window and hoping to just go with it. Not like you can do anything once you're on board with the doors closed. 

I'm little more nervous today. Trying hard not to attach to the fear though. 

Good point about seeing the cabin crew...

Flying over Newark many years ago we started rocking bouncing around a little..I started to get a little anxious. the feeling, when you think the plane has fallen hundreds of feet but in reality it was someone behind you bumping into your headrest!! :-)

Anyway, I noticed a pilot or some sort of flying officer who was obviously hitching a ride from somewhere sitting there quietly reading a book..every time the plane juddered I looked at him..(the look of impending doom) he looked totally bored, didnt flinch and just carried on reading...he eventually caught my fixed stare and said 'you ok buddy'...I said 'as long as you're ok then I am mate'...he just winked grinned and gave me a 'its ok' look and carried on reading his book.

So yeh, just watch everyone else, it really will help..oh and try to make yourself busy.

Hi Gareth 

We're all with you and when you get back post your 'feelings' here. Remember it's just another day's work to the crew. That's what they do everyday they work.

They haven't been specially chosen for you flight, that's what they do to earn a living. if a member of the government were on board or a member of the royal family they wouldn't put a better care on ... the one you've get is good enough for the Queen or the President.

Go, enjoy, report back please.

Don't aim to feel perfect, just manage things.


Hello Everyone, Hello Captain Keith..

Thanks so much for your replies. My flight was in July and it went fine. I notified the staff at every opportunity and they looked after me well. On the return flight, I was allowed in the cock-pit (we were on the tarmac, not in the air as that's not allowed). The pilots were happy to chat to me and put me at ease.

I wanted to build my confidence, so have only recently come back from a second holiday to Gran Canaria! This time on the return flight, I sat next to the window - first time ever. Dare I say that I enjoyed it a little bit??! 

I'm still not 'cured' and still need to continue this confidence building path. Keith's resources, books, FB group and forum have helped me so much. I'm really hoping to top up my knowledge with a ground course soon! :-)

I hope you choose ours!


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