I fly on Thursday 5th November from Manchester with Delta Airlines and I am starting to panic - not full on panic like in the past but the news of what happened yesterday's not helped.
I am giving myself an hour each day where I can think about flying, read my info from the course and listen to my CD's - I have had to do this because for the past few days my fears took of my life again and I need to get some control back ! Not sleeping and run down !
If anybody has any words of advice please please share them with me - they will be much appreciated !

Toni X

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Hi Toni.

I am glad you are taking Keith's advice and devoting just a specific time for worry.

Of course we will all worry about the latest events. I know it sounds awful but I hope it is down to fatigue damage as they are speculating. Simon Calder is on ITV speaking now and is saying that they don't have the same regulations for safety as us. 

BA left for Sharm this morning, the captain would not fly there if it was not safe!

Focus on the end goal, NYC is amazing. I know you said you are flying Delta, is that on a Virgin aircraft.? Lovely airline to fly with


Hi Amanda

I know I am trying to think past the flight but struggled for the past couple of days. I am not sure I think it's a delta aircraft - a few people have said they are good for flying with.

I am determind I will do this, just having a wobble I think x
Iv heard there are different regulations too so don't let yesterday's incident play on your mind.
I flew delta/virgin- great airline and the staff were great- even called flight deck to ask for more info for me on some slight turbulence. Views were amazing, food was nice and I even stood chatting to passengers and crew in the trolley area. I'm a bad flyer but always come away smiling

Hi Toni...we are all here because we share a fear, so you are not alone or different.

I'll tell you what I do, although this might not be for everyone,Im flying to New York soon... I immerse myself in everything to do with flying by watching countless utube videos..especially take off and landings to the point where they become sooooooooooooo boringly normal....you could call it 'immersion therapy'!

I watch the 'worse turbulence ever' clips...expecting to see something like the scenes in the Airplane film, everyone hanging upside down on their seats etc......and what do I see...someones drink wobbling slightly...big deal! lol...

Expect to be nervous..the more you anticipate something the more of a non event it may become...when the nerves kick in laugh at them..tell yourself you wont be beaten and have your trip ruined

I used to do silly things like check out the planes safety record, or try to find out exactly which plane I would be on, how old it was etc...If I could have accessed the pilots health records I would have!!...for what?...to tell me what I dont want to know...

Make yourself busy on the day, checking in, sorting tickets, passports...bit of retail therapy around the shops..

You have conquered the biggest hurdle in your first sentence 'I fly on Thursday 5th November from Manchester with Delta Airlines'...you are going...well done...now all you have to do is iron the little niggles about the flight out...Keiths literature etc is great for that, absorb it..it will help on the day, you will probably be surprised how calm you are and how positive you feel

Hope that helps


Thank you all got your comments I know you are all right with what you are saying. I am normally such a level headed person but when it comes to flying it just all goes out the window.

I took the day off work yesterday and just went through all my info from Keith's course and watched the dvd's. I know I will be so proud when I step off that plane in New York - (will still cry though).

My dream would be turn up at the airport, board the plane and Keith to be sat in the seat next to me but somehow I don't think that will happen :)

Toni X
We are all here and it'd be great if you can come back to this thread and let us know how OK/well it went. The whole flight takes less time than a day at work. Well done
Oh and if you screen shot comments and images on this site and you'll have it to look at onboard. Enjoy your trip to the Big Apple!! X

Hi Toni

Nice to chat to you  ...  a great big WELL DONE  from me 

Enjoy that holiday and give yourself a great big pat on the back


I forgot to mention that I have booked the seat next to you!!!


Keith our chat tonight did me the world of good - thank you so much. If you was sat next to me I would he over the moon :)

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