I am booked on a flight from malta to Pisa by Ryanair on the 19th November. This will be my first flight after 30 years. I am getting very anxious and not sure whether I can make it. Need Help

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Hi Marika,
I sympathise. I am no expert but I did find that the CDs (I downloaded them) helped a good deal. So does watching the videos on here.
If it helps, I am sure your flight will go well.
Thanks I will try watching the videos here
You can do it with some help from this forum. I did it after 15 years, which is not as long as you, but still a long time none the less. Planes will have changed a lot since you last flew (they had since I did it) and its all for the better. Use the videos on this site to help familiarize yourself with how they look inside, and the take off videos are great. If you can, go on one of keiths courses, it really helped me so much to be able meet a real life pilot and feel I could ask him anything I wanted.
All the best
My flight date is fast approaching. My doctor gave me valium,but I wonder if ther is some natural remedy for extreme anxiety. I am dreading getting on the plane and the shutting ofo the door. it is constantly the what ifs.
"What IF" is a question for the captain.
For you a proper question is: "what IS"? Concentrate on FACTS.

this site is really helpful. focous on the fact that plane accidents are by far less occuring than car accidents and the safest way of travel is always statistically by plane. good luck
Going away again early June but I am still nervous. What happened to the aeroplane that just crashed. It had almost landed!

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