Hello captain Keith and everyone ! the last time i flew was a year ago and with the help of this forum and Keith's book i was confident and i had no problems, so in preparation for next weeks flight( going to benidorm) i have re-read keith's book and spent a lot of time on this forum watching videos and reading people's experiences.


To be honest i do feel a wee bit jittery but i know once i am up in the air i will be ok this site is helping me and if you have a flight shortly just do what i am doing i promise it helps !


thanks for a great site Keith i will let you know how i get on when i get back



ps  hope my suitcase does not going missing like it did when i got back to Glasgow last year!

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Hi Ronnie,

Have an excellent time in Benidorm! Im off on 16th June to Rhodes. I too have been reading Keiths book and am quite engrossed, didnt know I would enjoy reading about the technicalities of a plane quite so much!

I am still Jittery, which I think is understandable, but I shall read the book cover to cover at least twice.

Thanks julie

knowledge is power and keiths book does make you feel better about flying and this forum is brill , a workmate of mine is away to Rhodes next week!

Have a nice holiday!
Just to let you know got back last night 2 great flights the captain was very funny over the tannoy last night and the cabin crew were great, Keiths book and this site helped me in the run-in to my holiday and i can only say if you are going on a flight shortly keep visiting this site it is brilliant and special thanks to Keith you have given me so much confidence when i fly now!

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